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Picture Perfect Series: Fresh-Faced Makeup How-To

Just because a girl loves colour in her makeup doesn’t mean she can’t go without her favourite bombastic shades for a day. A fresh face does not have to be boring and contrary to what some people think, a lot more effort is put into creating this look than several other types that are more extravagant. The main reason for this is because clear, good skin is necessary to achieve it. In this installment of the Picture Perfect Series, I’ll share some tips on how to rock the fresh-faced effect, something which adds youth to any girl-at-heart out there.

1) Skincare, Skincare, Skincare
That’s right. Skincare is of utmost importance for this look. Cleanse, tone, moisturise, exfoliate, do a regular mask. Do whatever it takes to get this part right and the rest will be much easier. If you have acne, get rid of it. See a dermatologist. Go for facials. Invest in proper skincare. You might say that concealor is your best friend as it hides all your flaws. Yes, it does, especially if you’ve got a really good one. But let’s say you have acne that protrudes 3mm from the surface of your skin. When the light – whether sunlight or indoor lighting – lands on your face from above, the bumps will be shown for all to see because they have shadows. And then suddenly, you’re not so fresh anymore. You could apply 3mm thick of makeup on the rest of your face, but makeup that much is usually reserved for the opera.

2) Pick the Right Foundation
Once you’ve sorted out any serious skin issues, you can move on to getting the right second base. Choose a foundation that has at most a medium coverage to let your skin’s natural glow shine through. If you have dry, mature skin, pick a liquid foundation that has a dewy finish. At the moment, I’m using BECCA’s Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder. It does not clog pores and works well as a foundation for such a look.

3) Cheek Colour
Stay away from heavy blush, bronzer and contour powders. Pick something rosy and natural. Illuminating powders and creams work great to enhance the features of your face that pop out, and this adds dimension without going overboard. Areas to highlight include the cheekbones, the T-zone, the Cupid’s bow and the chin. I recommend Laneige’s latest Love in Bloom Sculpting Blusher, which acts more as a highlighter than a blush. The compact also has a brown shade, which you can use to contour and shape the nose without having it look too made-up and artificial.

4) Keep the Eyes Simple
Eyes are the windows to a girl’s soul. There’s no point in shrouding them in smoky mystery here. Use neutral shades just to add depth to the crease. To add a bit of life to your eyes, use shimmery eyeshadow shades. If you’ve got any of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, this is a great opportunity to play around with the colours in there. Skip heavy eyeliner and mascara. Lashes should be kept light and simple – nothing feathery, congested or heavy. If you like coloured contact lenses, go for it.

5) Gleaming Lips
Put some gloss on! You can either pick a gloss that is already coloured, or you can use a lipstick or lip tint, followed by a layer of clear gloss in the middle of your lips. I prefer the latter because the colour stays on longer, especially if tints are used. Maybe try your hands on Benetint, BECCA’s Beach Tint, Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm and YADAH’s Angel Lip Tint and Cheek Stain.