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A Guide to Phyto Hair Care Products

Phyto is one of the leading hair care brands in the scenario that has introduced a distinctive line of hair care products in order to treat and fix all types of hair, from dry hair, ultra dry hair, and color treated hair to oily, frizzy, and curly hair. All Phyto hair care products are made using 100% plant extracts, and each of them including shampoos and hydrating creams is the result of the creative research and involves combined effort and distinguished professionalism of a team of doctors, botanists, biochemists, and pharmacists, who in turn adopts the latest scientific techniques to identify and select the plants’ most active molecules in order to produce superb quality products. Discussed further in this article are among the top hair care products launched by Phyto.

As mentioned earlier, Phyto has introduced a complete line of products to provide excellent hair care solutions to all types of hair. For instance, in order to provide your dry hair with hydration to ensure its protection, Phyto has presented a couple of options in the form of Huile D’Alès intense hydrating oil treatment, a shampoo that has been designed in such a way to instantly reinforces the hydrolipidic film and stimulates regeneration of keratin in order to bring back natural shine and luster of hair; Phytojoba hydrating shampoo, which in turn is formulated using a blend of pure Jojoba Oil and cornflower decoction and whose regular usage leaves your hair silky, smooth, and shiny; Phytosésame express hydrating conditioner – an effective conditioning treatment recommended to use after shampooing the hair; Phyto 7 -a leave-in conditioner whose specialty is that it is formulated using a combination of seven botanical extracts; and Phytolactum shampoo, which is enriched with almond milk.

Among the products that have been exclusively formulated for ultra dry hair is Phytonectar ultra nourishing oil treatment, which helps to restore keratin’s molecular structure to protect the hair from hazardous environmental factors such as UV rays, and Phyto 9, which is formulated using a unique formula of nine ingredients to restructure damaged hair. Likewise, Phyto has in its product line a variety of products for color treated and lifeless dull hair in the form of Phytocitrus vital radiance shampoo, Phytocitrus vital radiance mask, Phytomist instant hydrating conditioner, and Phytovolume volumizer shampoo.

Phytobrush smoothing shampoo with acacia honey, Phytodéfrisant botanical hair relaxing balm, Phytolisse smoothing serum with althea, Phytocurl shampoo with mate leaves, and Phytocurl spray with passion flower extract are options, among many others, developed by Phyto for frizzy and curly hair.

For people suffering from dandruff, Phyto has some superb choices including Phytosylic shampoo with salicylic compound and essential oil of cypress and Phytosquame intensive formula treatment with chaulmoogra. Similarly, if hair loss is your problem, then try Phyto’s products such as Phytocyane revitalizing shampoo, Phytocyane revitalizing lotion, Phytoaxil® energizing shampoo, and Phytoaxil® fortifying intensive care with patented Phytoactive concentrate. Equally worth mentioning are Phyto’s products such as Soft Holding Gel 2 and Sculpting Gel 8, which in turn are developed to satisfy your different hair styling needs.

Above all, a couple of products are introduced by Phyto for its usage with all types of hair such as Phytopolléine botanical scalp stimulant with essential oils, Phytoneutre rebalancing cream shampoo with eucalyptus essential oil, Phytobaume conditioner with mallow, and Phytoprogenium revolutionary shampoo to balance the scalp’s ecosystem.