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Sensitive Skin Care Product – Finding What Works

Sensitive skin requires special needs and as you are aware can be quite a challenge. Before we look at selecting a skin care product lets look at some things that may or may not be obvious.

Your House

Look around your house, under the sink for example. There is enough toxic chemicals there that if mixed could kill you stone dead just from the fumes. Are you sensitive to any of them?

What about the laundry, detergents are powerful and along with other additives may not rinse out residues that remain in clothing which could be a source of irritation.. Have you any reaction to them?

In the bathroom you have cleaners, soaps, lotions creams etc do any of them cause you sensitivities? Chemical air fresheners with artificial fragrances can cause skin irritation.

In short look carefully around and in your home, you can find alternatives but with sensitive skin you are left with trial and error as a guide unless you have a specific list of known irritants. The more chemical free the better.


Are you vitamin and mineral deficient? Many people are. Take a good look at your diet. Do you eat six servings of RAW fruits and veggies daily? Are you drinking at least 64 ounces of pure or filtered water every day? Water flushes toxins and impurities out of the body and the skin so it is very important to make sure you are well hydrated.

Do you supplement? For your skin, one of the best supplements is essential fatty acids ( EFA’S ).A cold pressed oil is the best, avoid capsules. Capsules are heated which can seriously alter the effectiveness of the product, also, you need a tablespoon a day, in capsules, that is at least ten, you figure the cost.

Skin Care

Some of the most severe reaction for people with sensitive skin come from over the counter beauty products. Chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, toxic preservatives are commonly found in these products. These ingredients are foreign to the body and the skin, they are cheaply made synthetic compounds. On some products the label may state “all natural”, all natural what? The label may say “derived from” a natural substance but that does not mean that it is.

For your health and beauty pure botanicals and essential oils will give you the most benefit. Unless you have known allergies these products are readily accepted by the body and do much to sooth and heal sensitive skin. Look for skin care products whose composition is all botanicals that have no toxic preservatives and have no artificial fragrance or color. These products cost more but your paying for quality ingredients that can solve your sensitive skin problem. To your health.