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The Professional Touch of Kerastase

If you want the most high quality professional hair products, then Kerastase is a name that you should look to. Popular in France for many years, they’ve only recently expanded their operations to the United States in the last decade or so, and then now you can only get their products from high end hair salons.

Kerastase’s products are divided into six unique lines for different types of hair. First is the Nutritive line, which is focused on revitalizing dry and highly sensitive hair. Next is Resistance, which is designed for use on especially fine hair or that’s been weakened over the years. Third in the lineup is Dermo-calm, a line made for people sensitive scalps. Then comes Specifique, which works to enhance the overall health of your scalp and hair. The fifth line is called Soleil (French for “sun”) and it is made for hair that’s been exposed to too much sun or chlorine. Finally, there’s Reflection, which is best used on colored hair. As you can see by their specific applications, a lot of thought has been put into these products.

Let’s look at a few specific products from these different lines. From Nutritive, there’s the Nutritive Bain Satin 1 treatment. A new product in this line, it uses gluco-active technology consisting of glucose, protein and lipids. This treatment, when massaged into the hair, cleanses it and removes any buildup while leaving behind a head of light, silky feeling hair.

From the Resistance line, you may be interested in the Resistance Forcintense treatment. This treatment is used over the course of five days and it’s designed to help breathe life back into weakened hair. Using Vita-ciment E-Complex technology, it strengthens weak hair over the course of the treatment, restoring shininess and bounce. It’s a great value at just over $30.

Moving onto the Dermo-calm line, we have the Concentre Bio-Recharge system. This product is focused more on the scalp than the hair, helping to boost its defenses against wear using a bioflorine concentrate. The treatment will soothe your scalp and help prevent any future irritations from cropping up.

Here’s a highlight from the Specifique line: the Specifique Aminexil treatment. This treatment uses a chemical called Aminexil that will be applied over the course of several weeks. You apply two to three times each week and the end result will be increased hair growth. This product is intended for people who have lost some hair and want to extend the life of the hair they have while regrowing some more.