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7 Myths About African American Hair

1.) You Must Touch Up Your Relaxer Every Six Weeks

In my own journey to grow long healthy hair, I’ve found this to not be true. In fact frequent touch ups for my fine strands produced dryness, thinness, excessive shedding, and breakage.

2.) Only Wash Once a Month To Avoid Dryness

Ok, this is definitely false! Water provides moisture to your locks!!! Washing your strands less frequently can actually cause dryness. Ethnic strands (because of the curl pattern) need moisture to promote growth. If you are experiencing dryness with frequent washes try adding jojoba oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, increase your water intake, and incorporate flaxseed oil into your diet.

3.) Ends Must be Cut Every Six Weeks for More Growth

This is not true!!! Your ends are dead, so cutting them every six weeks will not produced growth. It will provide a crisp look, but definitely not more growth. In fact, frequent trims is really snipping away at the growth you’ve already achieved. Actually growth comes from healthy eating and proper care. Try lightly dusting your ends or trimming only the split ends.

4.) Can’t Use Products that are not for African Americans

For the past two years, I’ve used Aveda products! They are not specifically marketed for black hair, but Aveda completely changed the health of my fine strands. I love Aveda! I haven’t used products geared toward black women in about two years. What’s most important is finding products that are better suited, compliments, and meet your needs.

5.) No-Lye Relaxers are Safer than Lye Relaxers

Most no-lye relaxers do not contain sodium hydroxide and lye relaxers do. Although I use no-lye relaxers, it is because I have a sensitive scalp and I’ve found that they do not tingle as quickly. Both lye and no-lye contain chemicals that break down your strands, producing straightness. I will mention though that no-lye tends to cause more dryness due to the calcium build up. A way to avoid this is using a chelating shampoo maybe a week or two after a touch-up to get rid of it.

6.) Scalps Must Be Greased Frequently for Growth

Not true, grease (because of petroleum and mineral oil) can clog your pores and actually does not allow the scalp to breath. If you are experiencing scalp dryness try applying jojoba oil or sweet almond oil to your scalp.

7.) Can’t Grow Long Hair

Again false, on average anyone experiences about 6 inches of growth per year (some a little more and some a little less).