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Darren Weeks Review – The Canadian ‘Rich Dad"

A lot of people know a man by the name of Robert Kiyosaki, but did you know that Canada has its own “rich dad?” His name is Darren Weeks and he teaches financial literacy across the country of Canada. This article is meant to give you an overlook of Darren Weeks background, company, and mission.

Weeks attended university and holds a bachelor degree in accounting. During university Weeks became a multi-property real-estate investor. Upon graduation and after marrying Weeks tired of his Monday to Friday nine to five existence started the Fast Track Group.

Weeks claims that his goal is to provide the people of Canada with the pathway-the fast track-to financial literacy, financial well-being and financial freedom so they can better their lives and realize their dreams. Does this sound too good to be true to you?

I thought so this past winter when reading an advertisement in the local paper about one of the free talks Weeks was to give in the city that weekend. I decided to go anyways I figured if it is free I have nothing to lose. I was actually pleasantly surprised and impressed by Weeks. He gave a very inspirational talk on business and investing yet he focused on motivating the audience not on trying to get money out of them. Weeks encouraged a lifestyle of time with your kids and living comfortably not being mega rich and materialistic.

His talk including a presentation on putting a deal together, many avenues of investing and the fast tracks current investments you can get in on. There were many products for sale including books and membership to the fast track inner circle. The fast track inner circle is $39.95 a month and includes a newsletter, audio cd, special seminar pricing, special website access and much more. I signed up for this and it did include a lot of great information.

The bottom line on Weeks is that he is not a scam artist. His company offers one way to achieve this sort of lifestyle of free time and very early retirement. If you are interested in a business venture or investment that can give you this sort of lifestyle be sure to look into it first. Weeks encourages all entrepreneurial people to get started with a home based business of some sort. The amount of leverage that is received by using the internet is astonishing, it puts you within an arm length of the entire planet.

Choosing the proper vehicle is your key for long term success. While doing your research on different companies, just remember to remain patient and do not rush into anything until your fully confident. Research things such as the companies background and its founders, the products, and the training and support you will receive. Stick to these strategies and you will be living the life of your dreams sooner than you think.