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What Is Cosmetic Mica Powder?

Mica is a naturally occurring silicate mineral with several unique properties. The reflective property is particular of mica, and this is the reason it is widely used in cosmetic colour mixes. The sparkle one would notice on someone using a glittering makeup generally comes from a fine mix of this silicate mineral with the product. It is naturally mined in brittle form or as stacks of fine films together. The chemical composition would vary according to the location of mining, but the general formula is the same for all the different types. Depending on its sourcing, it might consist of elemental potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, aluminum, iron, magnesium, manganese, or even rare elements such as barium and cesium.

For cosmetic use

The sparkling product has been used in the cosmetic industry for many years and also has FDA approval for the same. Usually, the glitter you would notice on someone with makeup comes from a fine deposit of processed mica in the cosmetic products. It is widely used in the film and television industry for variety of artist make ups, from vampires to the next door cutie! Whatever colours you want to express yourself, there is always the arsenal of brushes and pigments to achieve it. Obtain the mica based product from a reputed service so that it does not consist of harmful chemicals with the effect of damaging the skin. To be sure, always depend on genuine customer reviews and your personal research of the preferred lake colours product.

Personal concerns

As mentioned above, the ingredient may consist of a variety of elemental deposits. Some of these can be allergic to some folks. However, allergy can be a very unpredictable circumstance, and one must always try the product first to see if it is compatible. Experts suggest checking out the percentile of mica composition as well. An excess of it typically blocks the sweat pores of the cheeks causing discomfort, and sometimes, allergy. Unless you are sure to wipe of the makeup within a few hours, and is in the habit of wearing it all the time, going for a lighter mica colour for cosmetic is always the best option.

Meeting your requirements

Visit the preferred website for cosmetic colorants. Apart from deciding on the composition and shade of the pigment, also look for other compatible products. Getting the right look would necessitate applying various products in calculated layers to achieve the desired finish. Check out whether the supplier serves both general customers and manufacturing inquiries. As it is, mica has many other industrial purposes besides its widespread use in the cosmetic industry. You would need the raw lake colours for using it according to your pigment business objective.

For folks new to this, understanding the nuances of pigment colours can be confusing. You would have to depend on discussing with expert customer care staff at a good website. Check out the contact section for the details because there would be many particulars involved. In dealing with any chemical product, it is necessary to be very specific. Even a slight change from the expected composition can ruin the entire formula. Always make an informed decision.