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Transform Your Face & Enhance Your Cheekbones Using Dermal Fillers To Add Volume

Our faces all have different features; some might have round eyes, or maybe almond-shaped, close-set or protruding, nose shapes can look hooked, roman or snubbed and the chin can look pointed, square or receding. The cheeks can look different on others too, as some people have flat cheeks, high cheekbones or apple cheeks. Genetics can decide the shape of the cheeks, as well as bone structure, muscle and fat distribution.

The reason some people have full, defined apple cheeks and others have cheeks that are flat is down to gravity. A pad of fat under the cheeks causes this fullness and it’s this that tends to slide lower down the face as we get older.

  • Apple Cheeks – The plumpness of the cheek is what we call the apple, which when seen in children’s faces is what we describe as chubby cheeks.
  • Flat Cheeks – Cheeks which are flat and lack definition can cause the face to look masculine. Contouring the cheeks by adding volume can give the face a natural-looking symmetry, balance, and a more feminine appearance. We can have poorly defined, flat cheeks at any stage in our life, it could be that the cheeks have just lost definition, but usually lost cheek contour is a side effect of ageing, when the fat pads slide down the face.
  • High Cheekbones – Many people think that high cheekbones are a very attractive facial feature. If someone has high cheekbones, it means that the widest part of the face is just below the eyes, giving the cheekbones a more prominent look as the cheek dips in below the bone. This can cause shadows which will highlight and give definition to the cheekbones.
Loss of volume often results in hollows in the cheeks, caused by loss of fat from beneath the skin. Cheek augmentation by a cosmetic practitioner can restore the fullness using dermal fillers. A subtle enhancing of your bone structure can create the kind of bone structure which we all want to show off.

Benefits of cheek filler injections:

  • Treatment using safe market-leading dermal fillers
  • Free consultation with a practitioner who is highly trained in aesthetic facial treatments
  • Quick treatment time and immediate results
  • Virtually pain-free treatment, as a topical anaesthetic numbs the area being treated
  • Minimal bruising and down time
  • Excellent after care treatment
Cheek augmentation can enhance your facial contours, and balance your features. Dermal filler treatment can also reshape the face, reducing signs of ageing. By adding volume to the cheeks it will give the face a natural-looking symmetry, and a youthful balance.