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The Anti Aging Skin Care Facial Product of Celebrities

How many times have you wondered what celebrities do to keep their glowing skin and look so beautiful and young even at their 40’s? Well, sure many of them undergo cosmetic surgery to remove imperfection in their skin, but there are many others that just use topical products and give a special care to their skin everyday.

For example you I heard that Claudia Schiffer always avoided sun exposure to prevent any possible damage to her skin. That is a drastic decision, but it really helps to reduce the damage to the skin, but let’s take a closer look.

Anti-aging skin care facial products have been selling successfully for many years in the health industry, but the truth is that few anti aging creams can actually do something good for your skin. Companies have been using chemical ingredients that cover up wrinkles and some reduce wrinkles for a while, but the fact is that most of the time they don’t work and just moisture the skin.

It was showed in a recent study with a group of people that after using a moisturizer and anti aging cream for one month, they didn’t notice any difference between both type of products. That means that a moisturizer provided the same effect as the expensive anti aging cream.

Also I have to point you that those chemical used in anti aging creams cause secondary effects specially in sensitive skin so you need to be careful or you will cause irritation in your skin.

Natural anti aging creams

Now, real experts know that you have to avoid any kind of chemical substances on your skin to prevent dryness and other secondary effects, instead you should use only natural creams that contain organic ingredients proven to contain anti aging properties.

For example avocado extract, manuka honey, grape seed oil, water, vitamin c and other plant extract are great for the skin and can heal it naturally without causing side effects.

But there are also powerful natural compounds, in fact there is one famous compound that is known as the secret anti aging miracle of Hollywood celebrities called CynergyTK.

CynergyTK contains functional keratin which when you apply it to your skin, it stimulate your skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin proteins. Thus your skin will smooth and wrinkles will diminish. As we age our body decreases its production of collagen and elastin proteins, so if we produce new proteins the skin will become firm and elastic again.

Now you know one of the secret of celebrities, natural creams are the way to go, but remember that you should also follow a healthy lifestyle:

– Avoid smoking
– Avoid drinking too much alcohol
– Use a sunscreen
– Drink plenty of water
– Eat foods rich in vitamins
– Take multivitamins
– Take vitamin c, increases collagen
– Use a cream than contain anti oxidants to prevent free radical damage