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Gothic Baby Names

There is, unseen by most, a deep under ground culture among us. This culture revels in the dark fantasies of vampires and the undead. As such, they also need to have names for their children. Gothic baby names are quite prominent on the internet. The underground scene for Gothic anything is actually quite easy to find, even baby names.

Gothic baby names are as unique as they get. Every one thinks of Dracula when picturing vampires but who is actually going to name their child Count Dracula. No these names are as unique as the people that choose them. Names like Grendel, Frost, and Blade seem to give a wide range of gothic baby names for boys. Of course, the name Blade seems to be inspired by the movie series of that same title. Gothic baby names for the daughter seem to fall in the fantasy realm. Names like Essence, Aura, and Belladonna seem to give an allure to the feminine mystique that surrounds the darker aspect of their desires.

Gothic baby names are very broad and open for interpretation by most. However, to the Goths who choose them for their children, they hold a very intense and, almost spiritual, connection to their desires to be different, yet connecting with each other in ways that “normal” people could never understand. Although, some of these gothic baby names would appeal to even the most light oriented and normal people around today. Names such as Autumn, Michael, Lily, and Damien seem to fit even the most normal of house holds.

When you find that perfect gothic baby name for your son or daughter, remember to look at the significance of the name and think of just how dark and brooding you want it to be. They might not want to be called Lucifer or Hecate when they get older. Try to limit the intent behind the name with what the child might feel later in his or her life. But most of all have fun with it. Find some thing unique that gives them their own personal identities. Choose something they can relate to when they get older, and something that makes them stand out just a bit from all the normal children roaming the world today.

Searching the internet is a great way to find some gothic baby names. Two websites you may start with are and Both of these websites have very extensive lists of names for your budding little goth.

For a few choices you can review the following web sites to find that dark broody gothic baby name that says “Hey, I’m unique!”