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Another Ingredient You Can’t Pronounce – What’s Argireline?

Argireline is a trade name for a preparation of acetyl hexapeptide-3/8 developed and sold by the cosmetics firm Lipotec of Barcelona, Spain. For a time, Lipotec was very interested in what beauty products contain Argirelin, as the company holds a patent on it and it’s the firm’s best-selling product.

Today, however, many other skincare product manufacturers include Argireline in their anti-wrinkle products. As a peptide-based skincare product, Argireline is a natural, mild protein derivative proven to be effective at relatively low levels. It is not hard to find out what beauty products contain Argireline, since manufacturers focus strongly on this active ingredient.

Product details

The Lipotec website explains that Argireline is specifically considered a “cosmetic alternative to Botulinum Toxin A,” the preparation sold under the trade name Botox. Therefore, it is positioned as an anti-wrinkle treatment that works to reduce muscle contraction by interfering with the “receptors” in the facial muscles. When you make a list of what beauty products contain Argireline, you find these same claims of efficacy.

The formation of wrinkles, according to the research, may be delayed, prevented or reduced by relaxing the facial musculature. Clinical studies cited by Lipotec indicate that a diluted solution of Argireline (5-10%) applied over two- to four-week period “may provide an anti-wrinkle effect.” Interestingly, solutions under five percent and over ten were not shown to produce the same benefits. In considering what beauty products contain Argireline, it is important, therefore, to know the precise formulation.

Argireline is also shown to retard the release of catecholamine in what are known as “chromaffin cells,” since catecholamine buildup over a certain level may also contribute to wrinkles. Specifically, now, consumers are interested in what beauty products contain Argireline, so let’s take a look at the market.

Products using Argireline

Argireline is an ingredient in such skincare products as gels, serum preparations, cleaning/moisturizing agents and emulsions. Lipotec even markets it as both a powder and a five-percent solution for commercial use, but it is not available to consumers. It is listed, proudly in most cases, on the ingredient lists of many products.

So, what beauty products contain Argireline? Products from Reviva Labs, Janson Beckett and others contain varying amounts of the compound. Initially positioned as an alternative to Botox, Argireline -based products are also used for post-surgical programs, as they may extend some benefits gained from certain procedures.

What to use

Argireline is a widely distributed anti-wrinkle treatment with a record of success in a variety of product lines. The manufacturer, Lipotec, has no regulatory power over how its compound is used, however, so consumers already on the alert for what beauty products contain Argireline must take one more investigative step. They need to make sure that the products they choose are from established manufacturers with good reputations, using the correct and effective amount of the active ingredient.

There is more to skincare than the treatment of damage or attempts to reverse the effects of aging. Preventative measures are well known – avoiding overexposure to sunlight, using sunscreen, establishing a lifelong skincare regimen – and a balanced approach should be taken. At some point, however, you will most likely want to know what beauty products contain Argireline, and with the proper information ahead of time, you will be able to tell fact from fiction when it’s time to make your decisions.