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The Advantages Of Self-Diagnosis

Maybe very many traditional people will stick to the regular diagnosis methods that include immediate visits to the doctor, but generally speaking, a total new trend of self-diagnosis has spread out and gained prominence. With the large number of home health test kits, patients are offered a quicker result, relevant for a specific physical condition. Probably the best known and the first to find wide acceptance on the market were the home pregnancy tests, but that was just the beginning. Now, one can test for a huge range of illnesses and ailments from urinary tract infections, heart disease, diabetes and food allergies to HIV, drug addiction, cholesterol and fertility.

What are the real advantages of self-diagnosis? First of all, given the fact they carry some form of medical certification, home health test kits provide 99% accuracy provided that all usage conditions are met. Then, the user benefits from low costs, confidentiality and the comfort of not going straight to the doctor. Inhibition is a key-factor when trying to explain and understand the success of home health test kits; many people could be embarrassed by a specific health problem, and before exposing themselves they want to make sure that the symptoms they’re experiencing are actually indicating disease.

Furthermore, the use of home health test kits reduces the excessive or unjustified use of over-the-counter drugs. Many people turn to treating symptoms like dizziness, heartburn or rashes following a friend’s word of mouth or their personal basic knowledge. In many cases such random forms of treatment could do more harm to the condition, which is why home health test kits have become so popular recently. Before taking any form of pills or seeing the doctor, one may actually get an idea of whether he or she fears the worst or not.

No one should start an individual treatment only on the basis of the results from a home health test kit. It is not that the results of the latter wouldn’t be reliable enough, but one could misinterpret the test and end up treating a medical condition that is not real. Therefore, once the confirmation of a urinary tract infection is given by the performing a quick test at home, it is time to either send some samples to a laboratory or go directly to the doctor to have a professional recommendation and confirmation of the problem. Too many ailments have similar forms of manifestation and many test results could be read the wrong way.