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Terror and Mental Illnesses – Protect Your Mental Health

Why do some people lose their mental health? Everything begins with terror. When they are betrayed for example, or when they are victims of violence and cruelty, they pass through terribly unbearable suffering that cannot be forgotten.

The tragic experiences of human life are responsible for the manifestation of mental illnesses, but this is because the human being already inherits an absurd content in the wild and primitive side of his brain, which takes advantage of the various deceptions and traumas one faces in life in order to provoke disturbances in their minds, and alterations in their behavior.

If you are a victim of terror, you can find support in the dream messages, because the unconscious mind that produces your dreams will give you explanations and lessons about everything that you ignore. Of course, the best thing one can do is to prevent all mental illnesses and avoid being a victim of terror, by caring about the meaning of their dreams before having any tragic experiences in life.

Your dreams will give you relief and guidance, showing you many things about the world and the way it works, besides showing you the way that your brain works and how its functionalism affects your behavior. Your entire life will be analyzed and all your wrong impressions and conclusions will be corrected. You’ll also have many explanations about other people, which will help you understand their behavior in certain situations and how you must judge them.

I remember many sad cases, when the people I was helping found an unexpected support in their own dreams, for their surprise and relief. In the beginning nobody believes that their dreams can be important, but as they start translating their messages and receiving information and guidance, they discover the protection of the unconscious mind, and then they start caring for their dreams with interest and gratitude.

Protect your mental health and your future, caring about your dreams the soonest you can. You’ll see that even a very simple short dream will give you so much information about so many things that your occupation with your dreams will become a real hobby for you, besides being your salvation from craziness and despair.

Learn what you have to do in order to avoid being a victim of terror, and if you already are one, learn how to face your tragic destiny without losing your mental health, but discovering wisdom and peace.