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Overview of Teeth Whitening Products

All of us hope for a brighter, whiter and that movie star-like smile. Who wouldn’t want that? It is all thanks to modern cosmetic dentistry that pearly white teeth can be achieved. By far, teeth whitening have become the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. With a variety of cosmetic dental procedures and products, we can all have pearly whites.

A bright smile with white teeth is the first thing that people see. That is why teeth whitening have become a huge phenomenon. People who want to have pearly whites have been looking for ways to improve their smile since they want to look prettier, youthful and confident. However, most people opt for over-the-counter teeth bleaching products as they are more budget-friendly than costly cosmetic dental procedures.

It can be both devastating and baffling to choose which of the many whitening products best suit your dental needs. Before using whitening or bleaching products, it is important to know a few facts on different teeth whitening products, its difference, how they work, its known side effects and their known effectiveness.

Common Teeth Whitening Products:

*Whitening toothpastes and mouthwashes – the best and safest ways to clean and whiten our teeth giving us a cleaner, whiter and fresher breath. It contains mild abrasives which help in removing stains on the teeth’s surface. Results will be seen in a much longer time but and with regular use, you will have your much desired whiter teeth.

*Whitening gel – is best for treating tarnished teeth. Gels which are peroxide-based are applied on our teeth using a toothbrush. Twice a day application for about two weeks is usually advised for best results.

*Whitening strips – these fine polyethylene strips are hydrogen peroxide-coated and are made up of plastic, are thin and very flexible. These strips are applied on the teeth surface and because they flexible, they can easily adapt the shape of the teeth. In just a few days after your application, you will immediately see the results. They are said to be much effective than whitening toothpastes.

*Whitening trays – a tooth whitening kit that can be used at home but with dentist’s supervision. Dentists will make a mold of your teeth and make custom-fitted trays that fit the teeth. You will take the trays home and fill it with peroxide based gels and then placing them over the teeth. Some usually wear these trays for about 30 minutes to an hour and over two-week duration of use while others wear it overnights. Although the procedures in using these trays are time-consuming, they offer lasting and best whitening results.

It is very important to know that although this cosmetic procedure is very popular, it is not for everyone. It has limitations and disadvantages. Pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with gum diseases, cavities and other dental problems are not recommended to use whitening products and undergo cosmetic procedure for teeth whitening.

We must also keep in mind that the above-mentioned whitening products only work for natural teeth and results vary from person to person. For the best whitening product that suits your whitening needs, consult your dentist.