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Hair Removal Cream and Other Products: Differentiating Hair Removal Options

Despite the technological advancements that have been made over the years, American women have still been unable to conquer one nuisance: unwanted facial and body hair. Hair still grows in areas where women prefer that it does not, and they must take proper steps to remove this hair before it becomes noticeable.

When women are considering hair removal products, the choice will usually come down to how long results last, and how much the product costs. The most permanent hair removal options, such as electrolysis and laser treatments, are the most expensive options because they need to be completed by a trained professional. On the other hand, home waxing strips and hair removal cream are inexpensive and effective. Women can also use these products themselves in the privacy of their own homes. Before committing to one of these products, it is important to understand how these products work.

Hair Removal Cream

This inexpensive hair removal option works by breaking down the protein structure of each individual hair follicle. The individual purchases a jar of this cream and rubs it onto the spot where hair needs to be removed. Once the individual removes the cream, hair falls out on its own. The individual will need to use removal cream once each week for best results, which is less frequent than many alternative products. Before choosing this product, women should ask themselves:

  • whether they have any allergies: individuals who have experienced a rash or break-out when using skin care products should consult a doctor to determine if they have any allergies that make hair removal cream usage a bad decision

  • where the hair is located: hair removal cream products are formulated for certain parts of the body, because some areas are more sensitive than others. Make sure to match the product with the area it will be used.

  • how the hair removal cream will be applied: an individual can use gel or roll-on applicators, depending on which method delivers the least pain

Home Waxing Strips

A $20 box of home waxing strips contains cloth or paper strips coated with wax. These strips are easy to use and can be applied to any area of the body. One begins by placing the strip onto the area where unwanted hair is located, then pressing down on the strip so that wax sticks to the hair. The individual finally removes each of the home waxing strips in one swift motion so that hair is removed at the roots. When waxing, women must take proper precautions to prevent infection and other skin issues. Before home waxing strips are used in multiple areas of the body, the individual should first try using one strip to confirm that skin will not break out following use. Additionally, one can apply antibacterial lotion after waxing to prevent sustained pain, redness, or infection.

Both home waxing strips and hair removal cream are inexpensive, simple products that can be used to eliminate unwanted hair. Individuals must make sure to take proper precautions before committing to either product, and should speak with a seller of removal products if they have questions.