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Mushroom Hunting Has More Benefits Than Presumed

As a novice mushroom hunter studying benefits of my loot, I was surprised at all the healthy aspects of mushrooms that blew other vegetables out of the water. If you ask anyone why they eat mushrooms, most will say they like the taste or the texture, but not many will tell you about the highest level of nutrients found in mushrooms than any other vegetable. Not many people know. There’s all the hype about eating berries, apples, oranges, carrots, broccoli, and we know all the reasons why. When adding mushrooms to salads, people don’t much realize that they are adding the most important vegetable to their plate.

Here are 7 helpful facts about mushrooms:

1) Mushrooms have low energy concentration. Fewer calories help to keep your weight in balance. Eating more mushrooms could contribute to weight loss.

2) Mushrooms have high raw fiber content. High raw fiber consumption results in the lack of hunger pangs which in turn prevents overeating.

3) Mushrooms have low sodium concentration. Anyone with hypertension can eat them without restrictions.

4) Mushrooms do not have starch. Rather, they contain mannitol which is half as sweet as cane sugar, and can be consumed by diabetics.

5) Mushrooms are low in purine. Beneficial to people suffering from gout and rheumatism

6) Mushrooms are highly concentrated in essential vitamins. Up to three times more than other traditional vegetables.

7) Mushrooms have high concentrations of essential minerals and trace elements like selenium and potassium.

Some statistics; in 100g of white mushrooms, the following was found.

Calories: 40 – Average of most vegetables

Sodium: 9mg – Significantly less than other vegetables

Potassium: 450mg – Significantly much more than other vegetables

Vitamin B-1: 0.10mg – Significantly much more than other vegetables

Vitamin B-2: 0.47mg – Four to Five times more than most other vegetables

Vitamin B-5: 2.25mg – Four to Five times more than most other vegetables

Vitamin B-9: 0.027mg – Four to Five times more than most other vegetables

Vitamin D: 1.88 micro g – One of the only vegetables with this vitamin

Selenium: 28 micro g – Twenty Eight times more than most vegetables

As you can see, there are many amazing benefits to making mushrooms a part of your daily regimen of fiber. Eating mushrooms can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle; not only are you getting a workout by going mushroom hunting, but you are getting an abundance of nutrients from the mushrooms you eat too.