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Is Organic Natural Skin Care Better Than Conventional?

Organic natural skin care products are all the rage in some areas of the world. They are growing in popularity and availability in most areas of the US. Having a number of available products to choose from is good news, but the industry is still poorly regulated. So, it’s let the buyer beware.

When it comes to fruits, vegetables and other foods, organics are those items that have been grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or other artificial compounds. Farm animals are raised on grass and natural grains. They are not given synthetic vitamins. Nor are they fattened artificially.

Manufacturers of organic natural skin care products should choose to deal only with trusted farmers that adhere to those “rules”. But, the raw ingredients should still be tested for contaminants. It is much easier to do that with an item that is to be used in a cream, lotion or cleanser than it is with a food item.

Once the raw ingredients are tested and the batch is completed, it should be tested for contamination that can occur during processing. If the manufacturer uses high heats or harsh chemicals, then the raw ingredients can become denaturalized. They won’t be effective.

If petrochemicals like ethylene oxide are used to make harsh ingredients milder, cancer causing Dioxane can form. A number of cleansers in California were recently sued by the state, because each one was found to contain Dioxane.

When you are shopping for cleansers, look for castile soap, which is made with plant-based oils, such as olive oil. Or, try manuka honey bars. Manuka is a variety of honey that has been shown to have antibacterial and antioxidant activity. It can be found in daily cleansers, deep cleaning masks, body lotion and other organic natural skin care solutions.

One important step for any skincare routine is the use of a good moisturizer following every bath or shower. Women should remove their makeup before bed and apply a nourishing night cream. Many people avoid moisturizers, because they are afraid of pimples or a greasy feeling. If you are one of those people, then you need to know something.

When the ingredients in moisturizers are compatible with the skin’s own oils, they will not cause greasiness. They will be fully absorbed; can be used by any complexion type and help to protect against the causes of an aged appearance.

Organic natural skin care moisturizers that contain coenzyme Q10, the protein keratin, kelp extracts, avocado oil, grape seed extract or Shea butter provide those benefits. Some ingredients are recommended for daytime use. Others are best used at night.

With regular use, people see a huge difference within four to six weeks. The skin’s outer layers are completely replaced within that time. If the creams are properly formulated to penetrate deeply and repair damage, then the replacement cells will look younger and smoother.

So, now you know a little more about shopping for organic natural skin care solutions. But, there is always more to learn.