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How To Find Breweries Near Me That Offer Something Extra

I’m going to go out on a limb and figure that there are a number of you who are fans of good beer. If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely uttered the words, “I wonder if there any good breweries near me”. Then again, you may have quickly that being able to forget that notion simply because you couldn’t imagine the idea visiting a brewery at all.

How things have changed, my friend! The breweries of today have changed in such a way where smaller players are brewing on a smaller scale & taking great pride in bringing back the old ways of making stellar beer. Moreover, these same breweries are realizing that being only concerned with beer means only appealing to a smaller section of the population.

Breweries are now joint ventures with in-house restaurants and movie theaters, a far cry from the big, industrial facilities we tend to think about when we picture a brewery.

The thing is, though, I still wish there were more to be offered by these new, hip breweries that makes them stand out just a little bit more. Sure, I know that makes me seem a little unappreciative, but as a consumer, I want as many options as possible.

First things first, if I’m looking for a brewery that offers something extra, the first thing I need to do is to define what ‘extra’ means to me. This can be a little tricky because I have to figure out what things I’d like to get from a brewery. Do I want a few beers to choose from or do I want a significant list of options? Am I more interested in a “dive” type atmosphere or do I want to have a more formal setting? These seem like fairly basic questions, but if you’re looking for the right brewery to visit, you need to dig deep.

Next, I’m not sure if this is the case with you, but when I have a nice, cold beer, I like a little something to snack on. If breweries are now making a point of attracting a bigger audience with food options, I need to know just how important food is to me when finding the right brewery. Do I want beer nuts and pretzels? Am I open to gimmicky foods? Then again, I’d like to believe that I’m hoping to have a night out on the town with my wife and kids. I love them, and they love me, but you can’t sustain a family on bar snacks. Being able to have quality ingredients and fresh meals prepared on-site is pretty important to me and may be for you as well.

Come to think of it, when it comes to making a visit to a brewery a family affair, you really need to know what would appeal to those closest to you. What do they like? What appeals to them? Is the atmosphere family-friendly with activities on-site that cater toward younger patrons and to parents alike? These are somewhat tough questions, but they are necessary.

So, are there breweries near me that offer something unique? Absolutely. But as with any consumer decision, I need to know what appeals to me & my family to help figure out that little “extra” something that’ll make us feel at home.