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Online advertising is a powerful communication force, highly visible and one of the most important tool of marketing communication for Gucci products that help to sell products, services, idea and images etc. Many people believe that online advertising reflects the needs of the time. Attribution theory for Gucci products and services is a group of interrelated psychological principles. The theory attempts to describe various approaches that consumers adopt to explain their own and other behaviour. These explanations are attributions for the Gucci belts, Gucci shoes, Gucci sneakers,etc.

The creative personnel review the creative brief, including the marketing and advertising plan of online Gucci strategies.They make themselves thoroughly familiar with the virtual market, the product and the competition. They may also seek additional information from the account executive and from the clients company’s marketing, product, sales or research departments to learn about the nature of the Gucci company’s marketing history, its competitors and the competitor’s advertising styles.

It is important for Gucci creative personnel to get off the beaten path to look in new and uncommon places to discover new ideas and to identify new patterns. They must have a positive beliefs that good information for Gucci belts, Gucci shoes, Gucci sneakers, Gucci wallets is available and that they have the skill to find and use it in an effective manner. This requires opening up to the outside world by adopting an insight outlook to receive new knowledge. When one thinks about the colour red and looks around, it suddenly jumps out at the person looking for it. But if the person were not looking for it, she/he probably would not notice it

In an attempt to assist the creative people in the preparation, incubation and illumination stages, a number of agencies provide general and specific preplanning inputs which can includes books, periodicals, trade publications, journals, picture, newspaper and magazine articles on the product, the market, the competition and its advertisements. Product or service-specific inputs may includes specific studies conducted on the product and service, target audience studies such as attitude surveys, positioning studies such as perceptual mapping and life-style research, focus groups interviews, demographic and psychographics profiles of the Gucci products and services.

One technique used for ideas generation in termed brainstorming. A group of six to ten people get together to focus on a problem to generate new ideas. A brainstorming sessions is often a sources of sudden inspirations. All ideas are written down for latest review. The purpose is to record any inspiration that comes to mind of Gucci consumers product and service users. Psychologists term this free association as it allow each new ideas an opportunity to stimulate another. The participants are encouraged to build on ideas that emerge.