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Go for a 60 Day Skin Whitening Challenge!

Skin whitening may seem easy at first, but a person can immediately become disheartened and lose interest because they do not see results after the first few tries. Skin whitening can be difficult depending on your condition or the environment that you commonly expose your skin to. If you have hyperpigmentation issues like freckles or melasma, results may vary depending on each person’s reaction to the whitening product. Additionally, if you expose your skin daily to the sun, you also will not be getting immediate effects.

So here’s a straightforward challenge for you. Just so you know and test out for yourself if skin whitening products work, why not try a 60-day skin whitening challenge. It can be considered a challenge because you need to change your regular beauty regimen. It is nothing drastic so do not worry. You will also be using all-natural products which mean virtually no side effects.

First off, you need to change the soap you use when you shower or bathe. Use Kojic acid soap. This is specifically designed to help whiten your skin. You can also go for Kojic acid with Glutathione soap. This has two different skin whitening and leaves your skin soft and moisturized. Make sure to use this every day when you take a shower or bathe or even if you are just washing your face, doing this will help reinforce the whitening process.

After taking a shower, apply some kojic acid cream on your skin as well. It is recommended to use this on areas of the skin that are normally exposed to sunlight. You should also focus on dark areas in your skin. Like in Melasma or freckles, you will see dark patches or spots on your skin caused by these two different conditions. Applying kojic acid cream on these areas specifically will speed up the process of skin whitening.

After these steps, make sure to apply some sun block lotion. Again, just use this on parts of your body that will be unprotected from the sun’s rays. Sun block lotions must also be reapplied especially if you will stay under the sun for long periods of time. It is recommended that you avoid direct exposure to sunlight as this may trigger the added production of melanin which is the pigmentation of our skin. If it is unavoidable, minimize it if possible by using umbrellas when you leave your home. Once your day is done, make sure to wash your face and body. Repeat your new beauty regimen.

This skin whitening routine is actually extremely easy and does not require a lot of different products. Also, Kojic acid with Glutathione soap and Kojic acid cream are remarkably affordable and available online. This challenge will not only whiten your skin, but also help you deal with those all too obvious skin conditions like Melasma and freckles. If you follow this easy 60-day skin whitening challenge and stick with the procedure detailed above, you are mostly guaranteed to see a noticeable change in your skin’s complexion. Once you see the results, you will be motivated enough to keep going. Stick to this easy 60-day skin whitening challenge and you will never have to worry about dark uneven skin tone again.