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Easy Soap Making – Your Guide For Making Soap With Ease!

Easy soap making can often seem impossible. Many recipes require processes that include caustic lye and hours of stirring in addition to waiting for the soap to cure for nearly six weeks. When trying to find easy soap making recipes, it may appear that easy soap making is actually anything but easy.

The methods of cold and hot process soap making require the preparation of a soap base. This requires a lye mixture and the often time consuming and potentially dangerous process of combining the lye mixture with melted oils.

The very easy pour and mold method of soap making saves you the steps of making the soap base. There are pre-made soap bases in many formulations that make the soap making process as simple as melting the base, adding colors and fragrance and pouring into a mold.

When the soap is cooled you need only remove the soap from the mold and your easy soap making project is complete. Soap making kits that contain all the ingredients to make a specific type of soap are also available. The following is a wonderful recipe for pour and mold soap. It produces professional appearing results and is definitely easy soap making at its best.


* Opaque white soap base

* Clear soap base

* Vanilla, raspberry and blue berry fragrance oils

* Dropper for color and fragrance oils

* Cosmetic colorants. Purple, blue and lilac (use a minuscule amount of purple to achieve a lilac color)

* Cooking spray for easy release of soap from the mold

* Rubbing alcohol used for bubble reduction

* 4 plastic containers and one loaf shaped soap mold


1. Begin with white opaque base, melt the base and pour ¾ cups base into each of the three separate plastic containers. Soap molds can also be used.

2. Add coloring to each batch with a dropper. Vary the color of each batch. Add coloring in small amounts to obtain desired effect. Remember that more coloring can be added to obtain the desired effect but coloring cannot be removed.

3. Allow the soap to harden. As the soap hardens, spray the loaf shaped soap mold with cooking spray and remove any excess oil with paper toweling.

4. When the three separate batches are cooled and hardened, remove and cut into different sized large pieces.

5. Fill the loaf mold with the soap pieces, using pieces from each batch to vary the placement of the different colored batches.

6. Continue to fill the mold to 2/3 full. When the mold is 1/3 full spray the soap pieces with alcohol to prevent bubbling. Repeat when 2/3 full.

7. Melt the clear soap base and fill a 2-cup measuring cup. Pour this mixture into a plastic container.

8. Add the fragrance: Use sparingly and add more for greater fragrance content: 2 Parts vanilla 1 Part raspberry 1 Part blueberry.

9. As the mixture cools remove skin with a spoon and pour the mixture over the soap chunks in the mold. Pour slowly until the mold is entirely filled. Use the alcohol to eliminate bubbles on the surface.

10. Allow the mold to harden for four hours or until completely cooled.

11. When the soap has cooled completely remove the soap from the mold, and slice.

Professional looking beautiful and easy to make soap! Congratulations!