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Chicken Starter Recipes Which Are Easy

Starter recipes with chicken can be fantastic, and there is a huge array of different ingredients you can use with the chicken to make them delicious. Finding the ultimate starter recipe may seem daunting; however, there are some incredibly straightforward recipes to explore. Once you have found the ideal chicken starter recipe, you will be able to impress friends and family.

Why choose starter recipes with chicken

Chicken is a very popular meat which people often choose due to the amazing versatility and affordability. The flavor of chicken can easily be enhanced with different ingredients, making it an ideal choice for starter recipes. This meat can be served with numerous sauces and spices, or it can simply be served plain, allowing your dinner guests to enjoy its natural flavor.

A chicken starter can be served both cold or hot, depending on your personal preference, and there are several different recipes available. You will need to consider your budget and taste before deciding, which starter to prepare. However, there is such a vast choice of recipes that you will never be at a loss for ideas.

Keeping the chicken starter simple and quick to prepare

If you enjoy entertaining, you will know how important it is to have a menu for your dinner party that is straightforward and not time-consuming. You will want to spend as much time as possible with your guests; therefore, selecting the right starter recipes with chicken is essential.

You will want to choose a chicken starter that complements your main dish, and something that everyone will enjoy. Salads are considered to be one of the best styles of starter; however, you need to ensure that they look and taste fantastic.

Recipe for curried leek and chicken salad

This simple yet delicious starter is ideal for people who want the perfect starter recipes with chicken, it typically serves 12 people.

You will need:

· 900g cooked chicken breast

· 1kg leeks

· Salt and pepper to taste

· 300g natural yoghurt

· 100g cashew nuts

· 250g mayonnaise

· 2 tbsps curry paste


· Slice the leek into small rings

· Roast the cashew nuts until golden

· Cut the cooked chicken into bite sized pieces

· Make the dressing, by placing the yoghurt, mayonnaise and curry paste in a bowl and stir

· Gently fold in the chicken, leeks and cashew nuts

· Allow to marinade for 30 minutes inside a refrigerator

· Serve on a bed of salad leaves

This appetizer is sure to impress. Chicken pate is another simple yet satisfying and oh-so-delicious starter recipe idea.