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Cat Health Questions Answered Right Here

Let’s explore some typical cat health questions and answer them. For example, will cats have eye problems like people do? They sure will. In fact, when cats age they have many of the exact same degenerative conditions that people do, like having their eye sight “go”.

Their hearing can also “go”, along with most everything else. It’s difficult to watch, but cats, like people will get old and start to break down. In order to keep your aging cat as healthy as possible it’s important to do the following things-take them to the vet for their checkups, make sure they get some exercise (probably play time), and feed them a proper diet.

Brushing their teeth will also help, if they will allow it. We know that often they won’t le us, but it’s good for their teeth and gums, just like it is for us–cats and people are really very similar physiologically.

Indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats. So we can avoid a lot of health problems by simply keeping our cats indoors. When they go outside a lot they are exposed to the elements, other cats (possibly ill ones), and maybe dirty, toxic water. If you want your cat to live long and be healthier keep them indoors.

Now, if the cat is an “outdoor cat”, then perhaps this won’t work in a million years; if they have been outdoor cats all their lives then it will be almost impossible to keep them happy indoors. But, for city folks who have indoor cats, keeping them inside will keep them healthy and offer longevity as well.

Neutered cats also live longer, healthier lives it seems according to studies. But, if your cat has been neutered you must cut back on the caloric content of their diets. It’s pretty simple math really, since they don’t need extra calories to fuel their sexual energy, they will need less overall calories for their bodies.

If your cat is getting obese you’ll notice it in the ribcage area, if you do notice the pounds packing on in the ribs, start cutting back on the food bowl right away.

If your cat is losing weight and they are still eating the exact same diet then, as gross as it might sound, they may have worms; take your cat to the vet if they begin losing weight and you can’t figure out a good reason for it. Proper health care for your cat is your responsibility, so take it seriously, we know most people will.

If your cat begins to walk more slowly and even limp this could be a symptom of arthritis; arthritis and diabetes are fairly common in older cats. We hope that we’ve answered most of your cat health questions here, if you have a very specific question your veterinarian is your best bet for the answer.