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Basic Skin Rejuvenating Treatments at a Beauty Day Spa

Whether you want something as simple as a relaxing facial or massage, or wish to undergo a laser skin resurfacing treatment, your local day spa likely has tons of options for you to choose from based on your needs, time, and budget.

Basic Treatments

Nearly all beauty spas offer some type of facial, and many have their own specials and different tiers of service and pricing. Facials can leave you feeling relaxed, and your skin looking vibrant and rejuvenated-they’re a great way to pamper yourself before an important event, such as your wedding day. Many spas offer aromatherapy options, and also provide facial services to men that help minimize shaving irritation.

Many spas offer massages of various durations and intensities. Also on the menu: exfoliating body scrubs, relaxing bath soaks, facial and body masks, and even seaweed treatments (for exfoliation and circulation).


Microdermabrasion is a sophisticated form of exfoliation that removes the top layer of cells, encouraging the growth of healthy new skin and removing minor blemishes and scars. It’s generally not very painful and doesn’t require anesthesia, and is now offered in most spas. You may experience swelling and redness for a few hours after undergoing microdermabrasion, and these effects can last for a couple of days in some people.

Hair Removal

Waxing and laser hair removal can make you feel smoother and give you a confidence boost. Most salons offer a variety of different types of waxes, including full leg and bikini waxes. Laser hair removal allows you to permanently reduce and remove unwanted hair on various parts of the body. It typically takes several treatments to see long-lasting hair removal results with the laser option.

Cellulite Treatments

Some spas have equipment that can effectively treat cellulite via a sophisticated massage tool designed to isolate fat. This procedure takes several sessions to yield results, but the upside is that it is non-invasive, painless, and patients typically do not experience any side effects. Providers claim that this treatment also encourages collagen production in the treated area, thus resulting in improved elasticity and firmness.

Ultrasound Method

Some establishments offer methods that utilize ultrasound equipment which exfoliates and firms, and allow conditioning products to deeply penetrate the skin to provide a long-lasting result. The micro-massage encourages firming and will leave you feeling relaxed. While beauty therapies seem simple and straightforward, it’s still important to always ensure that a salon sticks to high standards of quality and hygiene before undergoing a treatment there.

Too many women and men have received unpleasant infections after undergoing basic spa treatments due to negligence on the part of staff-most of them are of very high quality, though, so just make sure you feel comfortable and know you can trust your beauty professional.