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Acne and Skin Care For Men and Women

Acne is a condition where a skin pore becomes clogged as a result of excess dead skin cells and sebum, a natural skin oil, being unable to exit the follicle. That can lead to bacterial growth, rupture of the follicle wall and other circumstances that promote acne. Hormones called androgens are thought to be a major driver of the increase in sebum production.

Everyone get acne some time in their life. When the pores of the skin become clogged it can lead to the condition known as acne. Acne is more present in teens as the hormone levels increase during this period. The condition is normally more severe for boys than for girls. Acne is normally in the face and neck areas, but some people also get it on their backs and arms.

You must take good care of your skin to try and prevent acne. Skincare does not play a major role in whether you will develop acne or not. With good skin treatment your changes are less to get acne. Some people believe in scrubbing to prevent acne, but the scrubbing will damage the outer layer of the skin and dries the skin out and this condition will make your chances to get acne much higher. You must not remove the natural oils totally from your face as these oils are necessary for a healthy skin.

Using a mild cleanser and wash your face gentle is the answer to a healthy skin. You can also clean your face in the afternoon and in the evening to help you control the acne problem. When your skin is dry it can form cracks and the bacteria can enter your skin through this cracks. This can also lead to more acne. Acne on the back and shoulders can be treated in the shower.

There are many over the counter products to help you control acne. You should use these products according to the instructions on the packaging. These acne products are formulated to achieve the correct balance so that the natural skin oils will not be removed. You should not use soaps which is hard on your skin and remove the natural oils.

Women also have problems with some makeup that clog the pores and these clogged pores produce acne. You must look for makeup that address the possibility of acne. This makeup does not clog the pores and are designed to help for the acne problem.

Men have a bigger problem as the shaving can cause ingrown hair and this will also cause acne. Electric razors can sometimes help to solve this problem although it can also nick the skin sometimes. Using a good shaving foam and hot water to soften the skin can help to reduce the acne problem.

You can buy antibacterial products over the counter to help prevent acne but they are most helpful after the acne already developed. Over medication can lead to clogged pores and damaged skin therefore you must follow the direction on the package carefully. Clogging is exactly the condition that you need to promote acne.