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What is prosthodontist?

Most commonly, prosthodontist include removable dentures. It is common for removable dentures that the teeth of the elderly are basically lost. At this time, a partial denture is required, which is called a repaired removable partial denture. If the patient’s teeth are all lost, a full denture restoration is required, which is the content of oral restoration. Restorative dentistry also includes dental implants, which are a large part of restorative dentistry. Dental implants are used more and more widely, because with the improvement of technology, people’s pursuit is getting higher and higher, and dental implants will be the best way to solve oral restoration in the future.

Zirconia all-ceramic crowns have unique advantages. Since there is no metal bottom crown, the restoration has a certain permeability and aesthetics, which provides an effective guarantee for the aesthetic restoration. At the same time, it has no irritating effect on the gums, and the patient will not have symptoms such as gum swelling, bleeding, allergy, etc., which meets the clinical requirements. Therefore, it is called the “newcomer” of all-ceramic teeth.

  1. Excellent performance

The bending strength is greater than 900MPa, and it can also be used for the repair of posterior teeth and porcelain welded to metal bridges with more than 6 units.

  1. Good compatibility

The cri clinical evaluation report shows that the full zirconia ceramic crown itself has no metal. Secondly, zirconia all-ceramic crown restoration can completely eliminate metal allergic reactions and has good biocompatibility. Therefore, its biocompatibility is far superior to various metal alloys.

  1. Zirconia does not block x-rays

After all ceramic teeth are inlaid with zirconia, if X-rays, CT, MRI examinations are required, there is no need to remove the dentures, because zirconia will not block the X-rays, saving a lot of trouble.

  1. Safer

Zirconia is the only mineral that exists in nature in the form of oblique zircon. No metal components, medical zirconia is safer after cleaning and processing.

  1. Ultra-high strength and density

Due to its ultra-high strength and density, zirconia is widely used, especially in high-precision instruments. The unique fracture resistance and strong curing after fracture perfectly solve the problem that all ceramic systems cannot be used as long bridges.

  1. Perfect Color

Since the color of the structural ceramic base crown is white, after inserting the porcelain fused with the metal crown, the neck will not turn black or black for a period of time, which solves the problem that the metal-ceramic crown is difficult to solve.

  1. Healthy Biomaterials

Zirconia is an excellent high-tech biological material with good biocompatibility. No irritation or allergic reaction to gums. Great for oral use.

All zirconia ceramic teeth have their own unique advantages. Since there is no metal bottom crown, its restoration has certain permeability and aesthetics, which provides a guarantee for aesthetic restoration. At the same time, it has no stimulating effect on the gums, avoids the symptoms of gum allergy and bleeding, and meets the clinical requirements.

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