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Using the Best Moisturizer For Very Dry Skin Every Day Will Help Keep You Looking Younger For Longer

If you’re anything like me, having very dry skin is on about the same frustration level as having a more wrinkles than I care to — we could all live better without either of these annoying problems. But millions of us put up with this inconvenience everyday.

You more than likely already know why you suffer from dry skin issues — so I won’t cover the many causes. I guess what you really want to know right now is how do you know which is the best moisturizer for very dry skin to buy and use.

As far as I’m concerned there are 3 important things to look for in a good moisturizer.

1. => Which ingredients?

Let’s firstly look at what type of ingredients are needed. My personal view is natural is best — therefore, it should contain the best natural moisturizing oils available that can be put into a moisturizing cream. As well as oils it also needs a mix of the best antioxidants and emollients.

Natural Oils... A top cream should only contain the best moisturizer oils available. There are many different kinds and sources of both light and heavy oils that can be used and combined in a good moisturizer. You need to make sure the manufacturer has sourced, tested and included in their skin cream the very best natural oils, which will be most effective in helping to reduce your very dry skin condition.

Antioxidants… as the name suggests help prevent oxidative stress in skin. An oxidation reaction creates free radicals which damages your cells. Naturally, the best moisturizer for very dry skin needs at least one and hopefully several good antioxidants.

Emollients… are basically substances that soften, help smooth and soothe your outer epidermal tissue layer. It’s main job is to stop moisture escaping. If emollients can help keep moisture in — it goes a long way to correcting very dry skin problems.

2. => How active?

The second important issue you need to think about when buying a moisturizer is how active are the ingredients in the product.

Just about every one these days is very money conscious, we are all looking to get good value for our money and the best product for the lowest price. However, you need to be careful that you don’t waste your money and buy a false bargain.

Sure — sometimes there are some great bargains to be had. But, unfortunately a more common scenario is we buy a cheap product that performs badly and is not effective. So it makes sense that if a cream has a very small active component, it’s going to perform poorly compared to a product with a much larger amount of active ingredients. Don’t fall for buying a cheap moisturizer, just because it’s cheap — it more than likely won’t work.

3. => What substances?

It’s natural that every cream and lotion manufacturer will tell you that theirs is the best most effective product. So this is where research on your part and some common sense evaluation is needed. Some months ago I did a lot of research and found a cream with great natural ingredients that I personally use now every day. If your interested to know more details, visit my site below.

The bottom line is a moisturizing cream is only as good as the ingredients found within it, It’s effectiveness is relative to and determined by the amount of active ingredients in it. You can stop the annoyance of very dry skin if you choose to — by using the best moisturizing lotion available every day.