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The Benefits of Macadamia Oil for the Hair

Macadamia nut oil is going the rounds as one of the newest fads in the beauty industry these days. In fact, the word from the beauty experts is macadamia oil is the best hair care product to come out since argan oil. According to these experts, macadamia oil is today’s equivalent of the elixir of youth.

The phrase “elixir of youth” may sound like an exaggeration, but there is some truth to how beneficial the use of macadamia nut oil is to the hair. As it turns out, oil expressed from macadamia nuts is very rich in substances that moisturize and nourish hair. Moreover, these nutrients that macadamia nut oils contain are easily absorbed by the strands.

The Nutrients in Macadamia Oil

What are these substances that macadamia oil is rich in? For one, macadamia has high concentrations of antioxidants. These antioxidants help the scalp and hair rejuvenate against the normal wearing and tearing they sustain from the stress and exposure to heat, chemicals and pollutants on a daily basis. The antioxidants repair the hair and restore it to its youthful appearance.

For another, macadamia contains large amounts of the B vitamins and Vitamin E. These vitamins help your tresses retain their strength, elasticity and suppleness. When your strands possess these traits, they are a lot less resistant to hair breakage and thinning. Continuous use of macadamia hair oil can even allow your hair to grow thicker.

And then, macadamia nut oil is monosaturated and has essential fatty acids. The fatty acids in this oil make it easier for the hair and scalp to absorb nutrients. They also contribute to restoring the hair’s elasticity.

Macadamia Oil versus Argan Oil

Some experts say that macadamia oil is much better than argan oil. Further research will be able to tell which nut is superior in terms of richness in nutrients. For now, in terms of nutrients, argan and macadamia are just about the same.

However, many hairstylists have come to prefer macadamia oil to argan oil. That’s because macadamia is lighter than argan and is sometimes easier to apply onto hair. It does a better job of moisturizing and conditioning hair without making the strands go limp.

Because macadamia oil is lighter, it is also more able to mimic the consistency of sebum. Sebum is the oil that the body produces naturally to nourish the skin and hair and protect them from damage.

Using Macadamia Hair Oil

Macadamia hair oil has not yet caught on the trend as much as argan oil has. Thus, there are still not a lot of hair care products that contain macadamia in them. You can use beauty products that contain macadamia in them. You can also go to a grocery store that sells whole and healthy foods and buy a bottle of organic, cold-pressed macadamia oil. Whatever kind of product you purchase, make sure you’re getting only one that is high in quality.

Macadamia oil is indeed one of the newest fads in the beauty industry today. But unlike most fads, there is truth in the rumored benefits of macadamia nut oil and you can truly expect to get beautiful hair when you use it continually.