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The 100% Pure Skin Care Difference

Why are so many people turning toward holistic skin care these days? The trend toward all things natural and environmentally friendly has been happening slowly for many years, but it seems in the past year or so more people have made the leap from skin care products that contain harsh chemical ingredients to 100% pure skin care products. What is behind this movement?

The biggest reason most consumers are steering more in the direction of holistic skin care is the concern over long term damage to the skin from harsh chemical based products. It is no big secret that most skin care products contain a variety of ingredients that actually have nothing to do with maintaining healthy skin.

Most of these ingredients are preservatives which ensure that the product can sit on store shelves for months if not years without going bad. This is why most skincare products come with expiration dates that are far into the future. Consumers like this since it means they can keep it longer before having to replace the bottle, but once they realize those preservatives could damage their skin over time that long expiration date doesn’t look so good anymore.

100% pure skincare products that eliminate those potentially damaging preservatives (called paraben) are now being sought out by educated consumers who have done their research and determined that completely natural is the way to go for their skin.

Yet, with the skincare industry manufacturers have to do more than attract consumers. They have to convince them continually buy their product over and over again. With 100% pure skin care products, this is done by producing results that cannot be matched by most other products on the market.

Consumers who use 100% pure skincare products report an overall glow and health to their skin that does not occur with unnatural products. This is because when you take out the preservatives there is more room in the mix for higher concentrations of the ingredients that really do make a difference to your skin.

Since manufacturers of pure skincare products tend to do more research and spend more money on product development and testing than manufacturers who just want to glitz up their product and sell as much as possible as soon as possible, they tend to deliver better results for the consumer.

With higher quality ingredients, less risk of damaging the skin with non-essential ingredients, and more impressive results, the trend toward 100% pure skin care products should not be surprising!