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Scrumptious Dessert Recipes

Regardless of if you’re a cooking enthusiast, or simply a pro at ordering pizza, you probably find time to whip up your favorite dessert recipes once in a while!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re in luck: from birthdays and anniversaries, to holidays and dinner parties, there’s always a great reason to get out your favorite mixing bowl and explore fun new dessert recipes.

One of the best things about dessert recipes is that they’re usually pretty difficult to ruin. A flattened soufflé might not be as pretty as the recipe photo, but you can always hide a little imperfection under a scoop of fresh whipped cream, ice cream or gelato.

Trying to impress someone special? Don’t give waxy store-bought chocolates to your sweetheart on an anniversary or Valentine’s Day! Instead, surprise them with homemade brownies, decadent red velvet cake or sugar cookies decorated with sweet chocolate kisses nestled in the center.

If chocolaty cakes aren’t your sweet-tooth style, you might enjoy creating fruit-filled desserts. From standard apple pies to adventurous fruit tarts layered with colorful kiwi, star fruit or berries, the flavor combinations are endless. Custards, bread puddings and cheesecakes also make great alternatives to brownies and chocolaty dessert recipes.

Dinner guests might not be able to agree on whether escargot is a culinary delight or a slimy garden critter, but everyone is sure to rejoice at the sight of homemade desserts hitting the table at the end of the meal. Whether your friends are food snobs or plate cleaners, something as simple as a warm plate of cookies filled with chocolate chips, nuts or dried berries will keep everyone smiling.

For a more sophisticated twist on cookies after dinner, try serving thin, crispy cookies or biscotti with small glasses of a sweet dessert wine for dipping.

Dessert recipes also make a great way to introduce kids to the fun of cooking. Stirring up recipes in the mixing bowl (and licking the spoon) is always fun for little ones, and they are sure to love decorating sugar cookies or mini-cupcakes with colorful frosting and sprinkles for holidays or birthdays-or as a way to pass time on a rainy day.

Of course, not all dessert recipes have to be so decadent.

Lighter dessert recipes are particularly nice in the summer time. For an easy treat, a tasty selection of fresh fruits can be sliced and arranged to create colorful fruit trays, or blended with ice for refreshing smoothies. For another kid-friendly project, try helping them create popsicles made from pureed fruits, fruit juices or yogurt-based smoothies.

Homemade ice creams and sorbets are easier to make than you might think, and making them at home allows you to ensure that the ingredients are fresh and natural, high in flavor and low in unwanted extras like excess sugar, corn syrups and preservatives.

Fruits, chocolates, cakes, cookies, sorbets-what do all of these dessert recipes have in common? Fun! Creating and cooking recipes is fun, but sharing them is even better. What are you waiting for? Get that mixing bowl ready!