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Is Greek Yogurt Good for IBS?

Yogurt has plenty of health benefits and you should really start to enjoy it on a daily basis to fully appreciate its nutritional value. For a food that is relatively easy to make it provides a vital role in maintaining your health.

These days we can buy yogurt that is produced from cows, sheep, goats and soya milk to name a few sources and therefore it is suitable for everyone despite any allergies or intolerances we might have.

What is Yogurts Nutritious Value?

Yogurt is packed full of protein, minerals and minerals. One of the main reasons why I eat yogurt every day is because it is an excellent source of calcium.

Lets look at the digestive system. For most people I think the main benefit of yogurt is its soothing effect on our digestive system. The protein it contains is easily digested and the high levels of calcium also improve the overall environment of the gut (it helps keep high acidity levels down). Yogurt is an easier form of cows milk to digest as the enzymes involved in its production help to break down any lactose which many people are partially intolerant to (this would not apply to those with diagnosed with lactose intolerance). This is good news for those of us with irritable bowel syndrome.

What About Bio Yogurt? Is it even more healthy? Well Bio yogurt contains live bacteria cultures that are very good for the digestive system. These good bacteria help to improve the immune system too. It is particularly good for those suffering with yeast infections and IBS.

I recently read that Lactobacillus can be helpful for arthritis too so yogurt really is the healthy option!

Greek yogurt is another healthy food that can be used in place of cream. Therefore you have all the added benefits of yogurt itself and also the creamy smooth texture of cream but without the high fat content.

Greek Yogurt is very creamy and quite thick compared to other yogurts. It has a texture similar to sour cream but it is not as bitter. It does however have a higher fat content compared to other standard types of yogurt.

Traditional Greek yogurt is made using sheep’s milk but you will find that in the US it is manufactured mostly with cow’s milk.

Recently Greek yogurt has become quite popular and is being used more and more in desserts and other recipes that would normally contain cream or cream cheese since although it is higher in fat than standard yogurt it is much less in fat and calories compared to cream.