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Inter-Relation of Diabetes With Hearing Loss

Are you suffering from diabetes? It is highly probable that diabetic patients may have hearing loss. Analysis reveals that hearing impairment is noted in every patient with diabetes. Although there is not much connection between diabetes and auditory loss, yet it has become a prevalent factor in diabetic patients. A diabetic patient suffers from several ailments and complications, which may result in auditory loss. Credibility to such facts is emerging to surface in the past few years. Diabetes is a disease that affects the blood glucose molecules in a human body. In one type of diabetes, the pancreas do not produces insulin anymore and in the other type the pancreas produces insulin but the body loses its ability to absorb the insulin. Some are even not aware if they are suffering from diabetes. Majority of the adult population has been has been affected with diabetes.

They usually experience too much of complications that touches on their health in several ways. These complications lead to cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and audiometry problems. Although researchers are unable to specify any definite connection between hearing impairment and diabetes, yet there are potential reasons to corroborate the fact that if the patient has diabetes then the listening can be affected. The doctor prescribes hearing aids after the audiometry test is done. Hearing machines and hearing devices must be bought under professional guidance based on the audiological reports.

Hispanic Health and Nutrition research center examinations did not eliminate the causes or the probable association between loss and diabetes. However, the debate on the connection between hearing impairment and diabetes is still on. In the quest to retrieve data through studies, has yielded results showing that not all diabetic patient are prone to listening disability. It depends on the condition of the patient and the kind of ailments he is suffering from. Reports show sometimes an early disease may afflict diabetic patient of middle and old age, with listening disability. Scientists are of firm conviction that both diabetes and audiometry loss are interconnected. Impairment often inflicts diabetic patients of age from 50 and above. Developments in studies reveal that diabetic people of different ages and any age may experience listening disability, refuting the criteria of age limit.

You can follow the guidelines laid down by the American Diabetes Association. Extensive study reports show that patients with the second type of diabetes become more prone to loss. In the second type of diabetes, the pancreas manufactures insulin but the body is unable to absorb. Therefore, people inflicted with diabetes are advised to keep the glucose level stable in their body, in order to avoid impairment.