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Fun Learning Under K-12 Curriculum – All for The Achievement of Human Excellence

Lucky were the pupils who had a chance to enjoy learning: what with all the needed support from stakeholders around –a journey to learning was truly fun and meaningful.

With sane curriculum catering their needs for authentic learning life skills were taught through the lessons/activities in and out the classroom provided by a conscientious and effective classroom teacher.

Parental support and utmost attention to their needs were given like books, technology, among others–learners had the opportunities developing their expected competencies, showcasing their passion; thus, making great impact on their learning.

I had always see to it that each lesson, project, or assignment was within the learning environment/experiences of my pupils. The following learning activities tell us all about how I had translated K-12 curriculum into authentic, relevant and impactful learning:

Mini Tour Around the City

Community familiarization :through the help of parents, Agilan kids were able to see different places in San Jose del Monte– from Welcome marker to SM city to Nolasco Market to St. Peter’s Church to Barangay Offices of Gumaok East, Central and West to Generic Pharmacy to Grotto Vista Resort to St Joseph the Worker Church to Old City Hall to Lourdes Grotto Shrine.

Sculpted Dioramas

To showcase their knowledge about their neighborhood, pupils had a chance creating diorama representation of their health center, basketball court, day-care center, sari-sari store, etc.

Big Book Writing

Writing stories about their experiences, showcasing their writing flair–from reflection about mini tour to other learning activities. More than a hundred books were done by my pupils. Had them share their written work to their classmates.

Tame Your Dragon Video Presentation

Giving them a chance to use technology in crafting ideas on how negative emotion can be dealt with– sort of showing them the essence of social-emotional intelligence in action. I believe that by doing this they would have empathy and be well-adjusted human beings later in life.

Good Deeds for the Week

An activity sheet wherein they wrote down good deeds they had observed within the day. Not only they had a chance to be conscious of their behaviors in dealing with people around them, but also they were able to develop their language skills, particularly in using grammar, say past tense of verb: I listened attentively, I spoke softly, I did not bully a seatmate, to mention just a few.

Weekly Celebration

Pupils were always prepared to showcase their dancing skills and singing prowess every time we had a classroom-based program like Nutrition Month, Linggo ng Wika, etc.


Usual culminating activity wherein parents joined the fun and excitement by preparing costume or props to make celebration meaningful and memorable for kids.

Resource Person

During Nutrition Month celebration we had invited a breastfeeding mother to answer questions of pupils re breastfeeding, proper baby care, among others.

Game Cards

Verbo cards were part of the lesson wherein they had fun learning sight words in phrase, sentence… and paragraph. Few had difficulty constructing sentences, others with paragraph.

Urban Gardening

To instill in their young minds the value of planting veggies, taking care of seeds or young plants, etc. we had home gardening.

Bangkang Tsinelas

To inculcate the value of taking care of our environment, particularly the importance of clean water flowing in waterways, pupils had bangkang tsinelas race wherein they were able to see the condition of their sapa and do necessary action within their capability as little advocates of the environment.


As a way of showcasing their love for their culture –and other’s as well, they made a grand display of different provinces in Region 3 where people, their culture and arts were highlighted.

Quarterly Classroom-based Awards/Recognition

Recognizing exemplary works, performances and all… selected pupils were given ribbons and certificates; their ever supportive parents were recognized as well.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest gratitude to all Agilan parents who, in one way or another, been supportive of their kiddos learning journey, with me. Together with other great stakeholders around, may you continue enthusiastically involved in your kid’s education.