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Eye Floaters Treatment – 7 Natural Treatments to Eliminate Eye Floaters

What are eye floaters?
Floaters or muscae volitantes are flecks or cobwebs that float. They are small and dark shadows that dart around. They may look like spots or thread-like strands. They usually follow your movements and will stay there when your eye stops moving around. They are annoying and happen to a lot of people as they get old. If you are diabetic or have a cataract surgery you are at a higher risk for eye floaters.

What is the Symptom?
o Little dots or dust floating around your eye

What are the causes?
o Most floaters are the result of bits of cells that remain in the vitreous humor after birth and float around when the vitreous becomes more liquefied later in life.
o Other spots can be caused by little bits of protein trapped within the eye during pregnancy.
o Floaters are commonly found all the rage shortsighted individuals and individuals with food allergies. Vitreous detachment is moreover customary all the rage diabetics, but the highest rate of complaints of floaters is all the rage individuals larger than the age of 70. This is once the prevalence of a vitreous detachment jumps from 10% of the population to 63%.

Eye Floaters Treatment
Here are the 7 Natural Treatments to Eliminate Eye Floaters which can be practiced at home:

1. Take daily juice of vegetables and fruits (preferably organic). Common floater recipe is a few combination of the following: Garlic, thyme, beets, carrots, celery, parsnip, apple, raspberries (not too much fruit).

2. Drink rice, almond before soy milk, herb tea before unsweetened, thinned from fruit juices as a replacement for of coffee, tea, alcohol and dairy drinks.

3. Try to administer your stress. Take up Yoga, Tai Chi, contemplation, walks in the field of nature, before prayer on an every day basis.

4. Try to practice the ability of palming. Lightly press your palms touching your eyes. Before doing this, try to welcome your hands by rasping them unruffled. In that case keep them touching your eyes in favor of not far off from 10 seconds. Get something done this not far off from 5 times to in stages eliminate floaters in the field of the eye.

5. Try to exercise your eyes. Look up by the ceiling with your take precedence facing straight in advance and roll your eyes around in the field of a circular gesticulate clockwise and in that case move them around counter clockwise. Get something done this ten times in the field of both directions.

6. Try to focus your eyes. This eye floater medicine involves holding an object such in the function of a straw in the field of your furnish with your arm completely extended in the field of front of you. Focus on the straw and in that case in stages move the straw towards you until it is not far off from 6 inches away from your be drawn against while you prolong to focus on it. Get something done this 10 times.

7. Try to furnish your temples a massage. To get something done this eye floater medicine, leave your thumb knuckles on your temples and initiate massaging. Get something done this 20 era in the field of both directions. Get something done the same business on your brow relating the eyebrows and on both fringe on the conduit of your nose. All of these exercises, if ended every day, determination reduce floaters in the field of the eye in the field of not far off from four weeks.