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Discover the Relationship Between Green Tea and Cancer

Green tea and cancer prevention are like the lamp and its light. They are inseparable. This great herb has been in use amongst Chinese and Indians for more than 5000 years. The plant is called camellia sinensis. Only leaf from this plant is called green tea and cancer prevention is attributed to one of the bioflavonoid it has.

We all know that the cause for cancer is the result of damaged cells coming together, gaining strength to kill good cells, snatch away the nutrition, grow from strength to strength, spread and conquer our life. Do you know the basic condition to prevent this fatality? That is the good immune system.

The hundred trillion cells we have in our body have to be nourished properly. If we believe that it is an easy task, we are mistaken. Unfortunately every one of us takes for granted that health is given. Believe me, you earned it. It is the wealth you have earned. It is your responsibility to protect by keeping the basic condition clean, neat and tidy.

How to do that? Nutrition is the only answer. Unfortunately the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink are so much contaminated that it becomes next to impossible to fight with the process of rapid degeneration. The mortality rates are increasing. We have all lifestyle diseases like cancer, stroke, arthritis, cardiac problems etc., affecting us. Degeneration of cells is faster than regeneration. We grey at 20, get cardiac problems at 30, wrinkles at 35 and strokes at 40. We live an unhealthy life and leave.

Antioxidant nutrition is very important to keep our basic condition of good immune system strong. The nutrition provides quality blood. Quality blood offers strong heart and blood vessels. In this way, all the cells in the nook and corner of our body are provided with the required oxygen and nutrition. Sufficient energy is stored and released. This leads a disease free life. With this foundation, daily work out provides synergy and we get healthy body followed by healthy mind. No external forces can shake our health. In this context we will discuss about green tea and cancer.

Oxidation is a natural process. How a cut apple changes into brown and iron gets rusted, in the same way the oxygen which is vital for our survival affects our cells by oxidation. Oxidation is important for degeneration. If there is no degeneration, our world will vanish. This is important for nature to survive. So, it is a delicate balance between degeneration and regeneration. We all know that ultimately degeneration will prevail and we pass away. But it is in our hands to minimize the impact of oxidation, allow our health to compete with degeneration by improving the process of regeneration and lead a long and healthy life.

What is degeneration and regeneration of cells? When oxidation takes place, it damages the cells by destroying the proton in them. The moment proton is lost the cells lose their wholesomeness and start floating around. They are called free radicals. They are free having lost the proton. They look for proton from good cells to steal. If they steal, the other cells become a free radical. Free radicals have to be scavenged. Here antioxidants come into play. They provide proton to the free radicals and also scavenge them. This is regeneration of cells. If this process does not happen due to weak immune system, the free radicals will all become rascals. They go to the extent of finding their own way to get separate blood path to survive, grow stronger and stronger by stealing the nutrition meant for good cells and ultimately kill us.

Now let us see the green tea and cancer prevention potency it has.

The green tea has substantial quantity of catechin, particularly the finer portion called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This is a great antioxidant. The abundance of antioxidant in this tea is responsible for providing good immune system. Almost 25% of the dry matter is catechin. 40% to 50% of catechin is EGCG. The Cancer Discoveries News Letter (Year 2005) from Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Centre of UCLA contains many published and reviewed studies on the relationship between green tea and cancer prevention. One of the amazing findings reported is that the catechin induces death in cancer cells without affecting good cells and prevents the cancer cells from constructing independent blood supply.

While I fully subscribe to the green tea and cancer preventing relationship, I go one step further to minimize the hazard of caffeine in this tea. How to do that? You should take all the required nutrition that has antioxidant. Unfortunately that is not possible all the time. So the best option is to take natural nutrition supplement. Take Total Balance, a natural supplement that has more than 70 natural herbs and salts including EGCG. Since different nutrition provides substantial quantum of antioxidant from other herbs, the dosage from green tea is very much reduced. At the same time the purpose of keeping strong immune system is ensured. You should visit my website. I am sure you will realize you had landed up in the right place.