Health Makes More Healthy


Defeating the Pandemic While Reducing the Ageing Process Simultaneously

The issues on many people’s minds these days revolve primarily around defeating the pandemic, followed closely by busting the ageing process, creating radiant glowing health and oozing love-happiness in abundance.

And, strangely, the solution to these issues are found freely available –and have been for centuries — but deliberately suppressed by vested interests; their approach to such matters being, from outside-in rather than Nature’s way of inside-out.

But even more startling is that ancient scriptures have been hailing this freely available miracle for countless centuries as in: ‘know the still small voice within’ while the immortal five thousand years old Bhagavad-Gita puts it: ch 2 vs 45 “Be without the three gunas” (more on this later).

So, here we have the secret of disease-free health, abundant love, glowing happiness and age-less consciousness staring at us for aeons.

But, sadly, merely reading these life-transformative scriptures is not sufficient in itself. In other words, to have direct experience of this Potent Elixir, in its purest form — as intended by the ancient sages – requires a level of practical personal involvement, as we shall see.

So, bear with me, if you will, as we develop the full import of these coded tenets which are revealing the age-less secret of how we may obtain miraculous health benefits in our own lives, at any age, now!

Let us set context to both scriptures’ common denominator: the means of contact.

So, for example: switching off very loud music would leave us sitting in a silent room. Conversely, switching off from stressful thoughts or compulsive ‘thinking about’, would leave us silent in mind.

So, what’s the difference?

The difference is: there are two silences existing simultaneously but which are not one and the same in nature. One is ‘absolute or pure transcendental silence’, the other, ‘relative silence’ experienced through the absence of outer sounds: one silence is absence of inner noise, the other, absence of outer noise, or, one silence is transcendental (health/non-ageing of cellular body) the other, ‘of this world’ (time/decaying).

Relative silence requires the absence of exterior sound, the other, pure transcendental silence, the absence of interior noise (compulsive thinking). In both scenarios something requires to be absent for their ‘silence’ experience.

Thus tuning into either ‘the still small voice’, or transcending the three Gita gunas, are both referring to gaining direct contact with absolute or transcendental pure silence.

But how can we tell the difference in the silences?

In other words, what distinguishes the silence surrounding mental dialogue while sitting in the quiet room? How can we tell that we’re not listening to a quitter version of lower-ego chattering’s and taking that silence to be the still small (transcendent) voice?

So, initially – while in the spiritually asleep state – the mind doesn’t possess sufficient pure silence capacity and understanding to relate to ‘the still small voice’ as a means of experiencing transcendentally, when relating spiritually at this stage can be intellectual only.

Prior to spiritual awakening, outer life events, including relative sound, act as prompts in reminding us of our need of soul evolution from the born-into ‘noise’ state of spiritual ignorance. Thus the need of lived outer noise lessons until finally we accept the necessity of gaining pure inner silence as graduation means unto knowing our true inheritance of pure silence or perfected consciousness.

Similar to caterpillar metamorphosis into butterfly, we’re each designed for similar transformation unto knowing transcendently and utter freedom in bliss consciousness.

To help clarify which is which: ego chattering or still small voice, let us look at the mental faculties at play in this area – nothing complicated.

Mind versus Intellect

First there is the conscious mind which function is to ‘think’, followed by human intellect, the faculty which decides: makes decisions based on what conscious mind churns up or thinks.

During spiritual ignorance – lower-self or carnality stage — the conscious mind thinks through previous or inherited conditioning and experiences, and, based on that churned up conditioning, the human intellect decides on issues.

At this stage, due to the shallow limited thinking capacity of the conscious mind, the intellect has not as yet been initiated into ability of discerning spiritually.

Thus, prior to practicing some form of mind-centring meditation, sadly, the repetitive mental chatter, whether quiet are loud, noble or otherwise, is simply regurgitated lower-ego history, and, such is what’s blocking cognitive awareness of the still small transcendent voice as direct experience, meaning, lower human intellect is still in charge of vital decision making – including health.

Resolute Intellect from irresolute

Much like the butterfly, when our meditation practice has advanced somewhat then the spiritual or transcendent intellect begins forming, maturing, a dynamic which ultimately takes over all of our decision making, when irresolute intellect becomes Resolute intellect.

While this transformation from lower-self functioning into experiential higher Self is taking place, the lower ego personality is as if being ‘crucified’ — its content integrated — thus facilitating expansion of love in the heart chakra where all revelation of divine nature originates.

Transformation of irresolute intellect thus clears the way for Resolute intellect to function through the heart chakra as the still transcendent voice in every situation, in or out of meditation.

In other words, post soul awakening, the spiritual intellect and heart chakra together function as the Authentic Voice of our soul: guidance in accordance with cosmic standard as opposed to the false ego which functioned through law of spiritual ignorance.

Mind Expansion and Integration

Thus in order to know the Transcendent directly, mind needs to expand beyond relative silence, for such is when transcendental silence becomes infused into the very nature of the mind, and is how mind become disciplined from wondering into thinking useless energy-sapping thoughts.

During meditation thoughts surface naturally into awareness for integration. These thoughts represent imprints of our most recent history. Integration ensures that such imprints don’t root to form future thought-baggage seeds, thus, integration is how expansion of conscious capacity of mind develops. It’s during this integratory process that lower-self dialogue is most likely to be heard, but that, such words are not originating from the still transcendent voice, which essentially is wordless.

When we think about it, without integration the mind would accumulate useless thought baggage indefinitely. Thus, while being the dynamic which expands capacity of conscious mind, integratory silence also frees from addictive mind-sets, including attachment to greed, power, money and obsession with material wealth and control over people.

In this way, as consciousness expands, compassionate love, youthfulness, creative insights of a cosmic standard become our expressional norms.

Mind-Silence Acclimatization

If conscious mind and nervous system have not been acclimatized into withstanding pure silence, pure bliss, then often what’s to the fore is ego-nuanced happiness or mire thoughts thus polluting the vital channel-means of knowing God directly. Thus, as mind-nervous system become naturally surrendered in mental stillness, then the mind transcends this world of opposites – good-bad, love-hate, like-dislike, me-mine.

Gradually, post meditation, these vital inner faculties become pure enough to reflect tangible divine presence: transmissions of heart chakra love in the form of saturated compassionate calm – when the lake is still, the moon reflects perfectly.

As conscious mind transcends in meditation, it’s capacity post meditation to intuit and discern cosmically becomes apparent. When engaging eternal vibration in the form of joyful silence becomes as natural.

In this context, heart chakra awakening unto bliss experiencing is consequent of kundalini rising upwards from the base of the spine initiated through pure silence contact.

Triggering kundalini, further triggers the soul’s 12 inner spiritual faculties – esoterically referred to as the 12 apostles — thus developing personal and global consciousness. In other words, with transcendental silence being the sole criteria of ‘right action’, thus our every action benefits the entire cosmos and other people simultaneously.


All-knowing consciousness when realized is our Real True Self: the authentic Still Voice witnessed as all-pervasive silence-calm as separate from the outer chaotic world of activity — the calm which never becomes ruffled by emotional storms on the lake of life.

The term ‘small’ voice is to differentiate it from the expansive lower-self conditioning which, through ignorance, overpowers and imprisons Transcendent nature, the soul’s unconditional love nature.

Thus the axiom; ‘we cannot express what we don’t possess in consciousness’. In other words, we cannot express unconditional love without its direct presence in heart.

Secret of abundant happiness

There’s a great scripture which states: “To him that has, more shall be given, but to him with least, even that shall he lose.” At face value, this indeed seems grossly unfair. But, on deep reflection, it highlights a cosmic law: by expressing the level of health-happiness which we have presently, we receive more health-happiness, while she/he who doesn’t express their present health-happiness, loses that level. As health, happiness and ageing are interlinked, the wise person, for building COVID-immunity, express pure unconditional love and heart-felt peace-vibration at every opportunity either outwardly or inward to ourselves.

In other words, ‘use it or lose it’.

Thus, expressing love, peace and gratitude in every situation is our surest way of maintaining vibrant health and youthful consciousness. When eventually our consciousness BECOMES ‘the still transcendent voice, BECOMES love and health-happiness, BECOMEs the embodiment of transcendent ageless silence and eternal well-being. When our every action is performed naturally through Immutable Being, You, as God-Consciousness. Illustrating further how indeed our every action is deemed ‘right action’ — action in accordance with Divine Law.

The Great Transmutation

In meditation the conscious mind and five active senses converge into point awareness – the still small voice. Through regular daily practice, the mind begins retaining this pure point-silence, a convergence resulting eventually in permanent bliss-consciousness, the Nectar of all meditation.

And even though words may pop into mind during meditation, ultimately the practice is about carnal mind integration as opposed to any form of voice-listening.

The peace and self-healing happiness we’ve each been seeking since birth exists already within as pure silence and is easily realized by transcending daily.

Meditation is about establishing steadiness of intellect and transcendental consciousness simultaneously, when spontaneous Silence reflects permanently as eternal present moment consciousness.

As ‘Transcendent Silence’ lies beyond the range frequency of the human mind, intellect and senses, may I suggest the following technique of transcendence into pure silence.

Be seated, and recite the sacred mantra Aum or Om quietly within. Extend Aum vibration for 5/6 seconds, then pause for 5/6 seconds after each recital. Continue this recite-pause sequence for at least ten minutes building up to twenty minutes daily after a few days, then twice daily thereafter. This daily practice technique represents “be without the three gunas” in Bhagavad-Gita mentioned earlier, meaning, transcend the laws of nature, which are Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – meaning, being out of their influence daily in meditation.

Gradually, the great transmutation from lower-ego-voice unto pure Transcendent Silence takes place as a matter of course. When ageless, disease-free consciousness is experienced as separate from outer activity or, as Heaven within.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137