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David Wolfe Debunks Calcium

Calcium does not build bones. This is one of the biggest misconceptions ever. This statement comes from one of the world’s leading leading authorities on nutrition. He is David Wolfe and he is here to debunk some of our nutritional myths.

But first of all let us talk a little about David Wolfe. Who is David Wolfe? David Wolfe is the author of a lot of nutrition books namely Naked Chocolate, Amazing Grace, Eating for Beauty and the Sunfood Diet Success System. Working with the sunfood organization they have been responsible in developing, marketing and distributing some of the world’s most incredible and exotic organic food items. They are also the first to deliver raw organic superfoods such as Incan berries, cacao butter, cacao powder, goji berries, maca extract, powdered encapsulated mangosteen, cacao beans and cold-pressed coconut oil into North America.

David Wolfe, having a degree in political science, mechanical and environmental engineering, a juris in doctor in law and a masters in living-food nutrition is also part of Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s masters of degree program on live-food nutrition. He hosts at leasts six fitness, health and adventure retreats each year at various retreats around the world. He has already given over 1,000 health lectures and seminars in Canada, Europe, the South Pacific, Central America, South America and the United States.

David Wolfe as of now is already completing several new books and on the side is also playing drums for the raw rock and roll band called The Healing Waters.

So with that background on David Wolfe let us now talk about his debunking of calcium. David Wolfe says that calcium does not build bones. When people do not have much bone density people think that they don’t have calcium but this is not true. In fact even if we eat for example oyster shell calcium, we will only take in at best 1 or 2% of increase in our bone density. And we all know that 1 or 2 % is not enough.

For David Wolfe, what increase bone density is by taking in silicon and magnesium. The best source for magnesium would be cacao. Yes, cacao or raw chocolate. Chocolate is even good for your teeth because it kills the organism Streptococcus that cause cavities. It is sugar that is bad for our teeth not chocolate.Then the best source for silicon would be cucumber skin, bell peppers skin and skin of tomatoes. Silicon can also be found in certain special herbs like horse tail, nettle, alfalfa and oat straw.

So if you want to have bone density. Stop taking calcium. Start taking in magnesium and silicon. Hope this new information has helped you change your outlook in foods because there is till more new updates on science, food and nutrition that still needs to be discovered.

Help spread the world and start living healthy. Good luck!