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Best Hair Follicle Booster – Stimulate and Strengthen Your Hair Follicles With Natural Remedies

Do you want strong, healthy and full hair? If yes, then you need a good quality hair follicle booster. There are many hair loss products on the market but natural remedies are the best because they do not contain chemicals that are harmful to your body. This article is going to tell you the ingredients to look for if you want to find a brand that really works.

The most common type of baldness is called alopecia; it is genetic and it accounts for about 95% of hairloss cases in the US. It is caused by DHT, which is a derivative of the male hormone called androgen (women have this hormone too); what happens is, as the hormone flows through your bloodstream, it is converted to DHT by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme.

Excess production of DHT causes problem; research shows that DHT attaches itself to the hair follicles, causes them to whither and consequently leading to hair loss. It also shortens the growth stage of your hair; hence there are no new hairs to replace the ones that fall off. Therefore, the best hair follicle booster is one that blocks DHT; one of the best ingredients is Minoxidil, which is approved by FDA for both male and female baldness.

When applied topically, Minoxidil is proven to block DHT; it also improves blood circulation on the scalp and enhances the growth of new hair. Research shows that Minoxidil is effective and safe when used in 5% concentration for men and 2% concentration for women.

Another ingredient that effectively inhibits DHT is Saw palmetto; this has been used for centuries for the treatment of prostrate disease. Other herbs include Muria pauma and Nettle root for men and Horsetail silica for women. Hence, look for hair follicle booster that contains these ingredients.

Other natural nutrients you should look for when buying hair follicle booster include Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Biotin. These nutrients help to nourish your body, boost your immune system and support hair growth.

Weak follicles lead to hair loss, hence it is important to strengthen them with the best natural ingredients; therefore, stop and reverse your baldness with a natural hair follicle booster that contains the ingredients mentioned here.

You can start the process of regaining your self-esteem today by doing something to reverse your hair loss. If you want to learn more about the best natural treatments for hair loss in men and women, visit my website.

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