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Ardyss International Review – Is Ardyss International a Legit Business Opportunity?

Is Ardyss International a legitimate business opportunity, or are they a scam? This is what I hope to answer for you in my Ardyss International review. Lets begin.

Ardyss International first originated in Mexico, and was established by the Diaz de Leon family in 1991. Ardyss International is a company that markets and distributes health and wellness products, and has 3 powerful product lines. These products range from figure reshaping, skin care, and nutrition products that are tailored for both men and women who are conscientious of their bodies and over all health.

2007 laid the groundwork for major changes within the Ardyss International organization. They moved their Headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada, and merged their business with a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business platform. The MLM aspect of their business gives entrepreneurial minded individuals the opportunity to not only enjoy Ardyss International products, but to create a substantial income from selling the products to others, and recruiting new distributors to their business.

You can join Ardyss International in one of three ways.

1. For those people who only want to buy and sell the products, just simply becoming a member is sufficient.

2. For those who want to automate their business, and consume the products, their Autoship program will be your best option.

3. For those people who are serious about this opportunity, and want to maximize their profits, you will need to sign up for their Power Pack package.

These packages range from $30 to $300 to get started. You will be required to make a monthly purchase of $100 to $250 in products, depending on what program you purchase, and the rank that you hold within the organization.

How do you get paid?

The Ardyss International compensation plan will pay you based upon your production in personal sales. When you buy products from Ardyss International, distributors are sold these products at wholesale prices, which includes a 40% discount. When you sell your products to consumers, you sell the products at retail prices, making a 40% return. You can also be rewarded bonuses based upon your ability to sign up new distributors, and the personal production of those new members.

In my opinion, Ardyss International is a legitimate business opportunity, and you can create a substantial income, if you know how to market this opportunity outside of your family and friends. You see, Ardyss International will only train you to market by means of word of mouth, and introducing the products and opportunity to your family and friends. In my opinion, creating a successful and profitable business takes much more than this. If a seasoned internet marketer came into this business, they would most likely do very well. An internet marketer knows how to promote their opportunity online to individuals who are actively searching for home based businesses. As you may know, home based businesses are the most searched for topic on the internet today. Building a business of like-minded individuals who share your goals and aspirations will be much more rewarding than trying to negotiate your skeptical friends and family into your business.