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 A Mouthguard For Braces

If you’re considering braces, or have already been fitted with their teeth, you should wear an appropriate mouthguard during the nighttime due to the increased likelihood of grinding your teeth or clenching during sleep. Braces can cause teeth to become more sensitive, so if do not wear a mouthguard when sleeping, you could be left with an injury to the gums due to braces repeatedly hitting them during the night. This can result in more serious problems such as teeth loss or gum disease.

What You Need to Know Why It’s Important To Getting One

Braces are an excellent way to straighten your teeth and enhance your appearance overall, however, you’ve likely heard there are some restrictions to braces. It’s true that one of the disadvantages is that it can be difficult to adjust to wearing braces-specific mouthguards. If you inquire with your dentist in Lowell about obtaining an extra mouthguard for braces, he will recommend one as it is extremely beneficial to your orthodontic well-being and overall quality of life. What is a Mouth Guard? A Mists guard (or the mouthguard) is a product designed by dentists and fits over the braces.

The best way to Select the Best Mouthguard

There are some factors to be considered when selecting the best mouthguard to wear with braces. Do you prefer an uncolored or clear guard? Do you require more than one type of mouthguard for different activities? What kind of activities do you plan to take part in with your mouthguard? These aspects can influence the kind of guard that’s the best for your teeth. The best option is to speak with your dentist in Lowell about which one is best for your needs. They’ll be able to tell you how much force is put on your teeth in each game and the amount of protection that the mouthguards offer and also know which teeth are susceptible to being damaged by impacts.

Different types of mouthguards

There are two kinds of braces’ mouthguards made by a custom-made person as well as boiling and biting. Custom-designed mouthguards provide greater comfort and protection against injuries, however, they are also more costly. If you’re suffering from grinding or clenching problems that can wear the teeth of your mouth, then a custom-made mouthguard might be worth the expense. Mouthguards that boil and bite can be made from plastic that is softened with boiling water. They need no trip to the dentist, though some are uncomfortable with them. Be sure to purchase the mouthguard with a bite and boil that has been examined by an orthodontist, as it might not fit well, which could cause the clenching worse.

What is the best way to Maintain and Clean your mouthguards?

Maintaining a healthy mouth is crucial for your gums and teeth. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean your mouthguard two times each day to eliminate plaque and bacteria build-up. Clean it off after each use using warm water, however, don’t let it soak for prolonged periods. In fact, it is not recommended to soak your mouthguard in any solution that lasts more than one hour as certain solutions could harm your mouthguard and cause discoloration, or rust to develop. In addition to these rules Consult your dentist in Lowell on a regular basis regarding how often to replace or buy an additional mouth guard.