What should I do if I keep bleeding after tooth extraction?

Go to the follow-up consultation first, and then bite the sterilized cotton ball for half an hour until the bleeding is reduced and the larger wound is sutured. Try to use cold compresses to reduce inflammation. Take metronidazole and ibuprofen. Look at the wound the next day and start to get better. After that, don’t touch the alveolar socket and change to the other side of chewing food. There may be bloodshots in the saliva. This is normal. After 48 hours, you can still apply heat and the amount of bleeding will gradually decrease.

What is the cause of bleeding after tooth extraction?

  1. There are still inflammations in the gums before extraction, such as wisdom tooth pericoronitis, which is directly extracted without anti-inflammatory. The gums are originally in a hyperemic state. In addition, the trauma after extraction is larger, which leads to more serious bleeding, which is also related to the difficulty of extraction. The more difficult it is , Bleeding will also increase, accompanied by restricted mouth opening.
  2. Some patients with poor physique are also prone to bleeding, and the pain is more intense. In addition, systemic diseases such as hemophilia, abnormal blood coagulation, it is difficult to stop bleeding, the risk of infection is greater, and high blood pressure, etc. If blood pressure does not fall to a stable range, bleeding will be affected.

What should I pay attention to after tooth extraction?

  1. It is necessary to eliminate inflammation first, and then pull out after a week of improvement. Otherwise, there will be more bleeding and alveolar bone infection, which will also cause dry socket. If it is an ordinary wisdom tooth, it is not difficult to extract, but for impacted wisdom teeth, especially in the tooth In the groove bone, the location is strange, the removal operation takes a long time, and the postoperative infusion should be used to reduce swelling and inhibit bacteria.
  2. Within 24 hours after pulling out, try to eat some cold food, which is conducive to hemostasis. If you are in poor physique, you can eat some egg custard or milk to supplement nutrition. You need to rest and don’t stay up late. In order to prevent bacterial infection, you should also prepare a bottle Kin Gillan mouthwash, brush your teeth after 24 hours, you can spit out, usually after a week after pulling out, you can return to normal diet.

Therefore, if the bleeding does not stop after pulling out, go to the hospital in time and don’t delay.

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