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Vital Nutrients For Optimum Health and Longevity

As most of us have heard before, maintaining a properly balanced diet of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and essential fats is vital for good health. With the right mix of foods, we can help insure our bodies receive most of the vital nutrients needed for optimum health.

Due to various circumstances, it may be useful to supplement your diet with some key natural herbs and vitamins to help boost your immune system…and create the vitality and longevity you desire

Unfortunately, many of the foods available in today’s world are preprocessed…and even many of the fresh grown fruits and vegetables are lacking in essential micronutrients necessary for good health. Mass production methods for growing fruits, vegetables, and even livestock have created nutrient deficiencies…and even deadly toxins in many of the foods we now consume. Therefore, it becomes even more important than ever that we supplement our diets with natural herbs and vitamins to help rid the body of toxins and boost its natural supply of micronutrients.

While growing and raising much of our own food would be one of the best methods for ensuring we eat the healthiest foods possible, it’s just not practical for most of us in today’s society. Fortunately, there are organically grown foods available (which I recommend you consume as much as possible)…but many of these foods can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that these foods will still have all the vital nutrients our bodies need.

Along with concerns about how our foods are produced, it is also important to note that even normal metabolic and immune system functions within our bodies can produce deadly free radicals that over time can wreck havoc on our body’s cells…creating life-threatening disease, and conditions that can severely impact our health and longevity.

Fortunately, there are natural antioxidant substances available that can boost our immune systems and neutralize many of the cell destroying free radicals…thereby helping to slow the aging process

One of the best micronutrients available for improving glucose control and eliminating free radicals is the valuable substance called Alpha Lipoic Acid. This important vitamin-like nutrient is available naturally in many foods such as spinach, broccoli, and beef…and even small amounts are produced in the body itself.

One of the main functions of Alpha Lipoic Acid is to help the body burn glucose…which helps improve insulin sensitivity and lower free radicals within the body. As with most supplements, the natural version is much more potent than the synthetic version…so supplementing with natural Alpha Lipoic Acid should always be your first choice.

Next in the antioxidant arsenal is Vitamin E. This powerful vitamin is the body’s main fat-soluble antioxidant… and it is an excellent source for destroying free radicals in the body’s fatty structures.

Due to it’s excellent antioxidant properties, Vitamin E has been linked to the prevention of many devastating diseases such as Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Cancer. For best results, this powerful supplement should always be taken in its natural form with some variation of “d-alpha-tocopherol” in the label.

Along with the other two powerful micronutrients just discussed, Vitamin C is another very important nutrient for the elimination of free radicals and glucose control. In addition to it’s powerful antioxidant functions, Vitamin C is also vital for boosting the body’s immune system functions for battling against unwanted bacteria, viruses, and infections.

Through the informed use of these vital nutrients (and others not discussed here), you can build a strong immune system…and achieve the health, vitality, and longevity you desire and deserve

Natural remedies and supplements have been developed and used for thousands of years…and even today’s modern practitioner of alternative medicine use time-honored knowledge to develop natural alternative remedies that can help you body fight against…and in some cases, actually cure life-stealing diseases and vitality draining symptoms.

Along with the very powerful nutrients just talked about, there are an enormous amount of very potent natural herbs, minerals, vitamins, and mixtures created to help the body fight and strengthen against the deadly toxins and conditions that can adversely effect your health and vitality. Due to the importance of this topic, I encourage you to explore this vital subject further.