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The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

Dogs make wonderful pets and companions; anyone who loves dogs, want them to be a part of their family. Most of the time, we seek cuteness and a friendly nature when buying a dog. But, today every experienced dog owner will tell you differently. It is best if you choose a dog that fits your lifestyle. Just as every individual is different, dogs are different too. Every breed has certain characteristics which should match to your lifestyle.

Different types of lifestyle

The geek lifestyle– If you are a person who can just never leave the computer alone for a single minute and loves to play games, it is best you opt for low-maintenance dog. Low-maintenance dogs will happily watch you tap on the keyboard all day and will not complain much. Example – Pugs

Active lifestyle– In case you are a great sports fanatic, love running and live an active life, you need an outdoor dog. It will match your fitness levels and will love to play with you. Example – Golden or Labrador Retrievers

Small children in the family– For a situation like this, it is best to go for a dog that has a record of friendliness with children. They have more patience than other breeds and love playing with them. Example – Spaniels

Small space– If you live in small flat, you would need a small dog, so that the dog does not feel suffocated. It is best to buy small breeds of dogs. Example – Dachshunds

A Big House– If you have a big house, you may want a dog that can guard the house. These dogs have special skills and are trained for this. Example – German Shepherds, Dobermans

Other factors to consider

One should also consider the following factors before buying a dog-

  • The space available for the dog– Dogs love roaming around the house the whole day and just cannot sit idle. Choose a breed according to the space available
  • Willingness to spend– If you have a big budget, you can look for big dogs as they have huge appetites, if you have budget constraints it is best to go for small dog
  • Time available– If you are buying a dog, you or someone in the family should have time to take it for regular walks, medications and time to train them

Your desire to buy a dog, is just part of the story, the main thing is to get the priorities right. When the breed of dog matches your lifestyle, it is easier for the entire family to enjoy the dog.

Of course another decision to be made is whether you want to start with an adult dog or a puppy.

Your new dog is a member of the family, it is alive and it has feelings. It should be loved and treated fairly. After all, as the old saying goes.” Dog is man’s best friend!”