The nerves in a bad tooth are gone, how to choose a crown?

If you want to look more beautiful and wear-resistant, you can choose an all-ceramic crown, which is suitable for front and rear teeth restoration. The cast-ceramic crown has better permeability and can be installed on the anterior teeth, while the all-ceramic zirconia crown bears the chewing ability of the posterior teeth. It will stimulate gum inflammation. If the economic conditions are limited, in addition to nickel-chromium alloys, other cobalt-chromium alloys can be selected, but it will affect the MRI examination and the gums may be discolored.

The nerves in the bad teeth are gone, why do you want to install their crown?

  1. After the tooth loses its pulp, it has no source of nutrition and loses its vitality. It will gradually become a waste tooth, its color will turn gray, and its brittleness will gradually increase. Braces are made to protect the inner abutment and restore normal chewing. , Otherwise, it is simple to fill the tooth, resist pressure difference, easy to break during chewing, and may face tooth extraction.
  2. In general root canal treatment, the dental nerve is removed only when the pulp is infected, and the pressure in the pulp cavity can be eliminated. The toothache can be improved and the root can be preserved. As long as there is residual tooth, there is no need to extract it. Long, it can be piling and fixed, and it can still be used for 10 years with a brace.

Must the teeth behind the root canal be fitted with the crown?

  1. In fact, it is not. If the tooth volume is large and the defect is small, it can be repaired by inlay. It is prepared outside the mouth, which is much better than the restoration of the porcelain crown. Bit, return to normal chewing. This is a bit like an upgraded version of the filling, but it is very complicated to make, especially the restoration of the posterior teeth is more difficult.
  2. In addition, there are conditions for installing the inlay. The tooth has no large area defect and part of the crown is reserved. If more than half of the tooth is defective, the inlay cannot be supported. At this time, the crown must be installed, otherwise the material will fall off. Risk, and inadequacy, can also cause secondary caries.

Therefore, the choice of crowns depends on your own economic ability. It is recommended that all-ceramic crowns are clean and maintained and have a longer service life.

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