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Skin Care Tips & Common Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Skin care tips and skin treatments to avoid and reduce skin wrinkles do not only belong to those beauty shops or saloons. You could also have your own skin care treatment in the comfort of your home. What are these beauty and skin care home remedies? Here are some useful methods you could utilize:

1. Oatmeal and egg yolk face pack

Yes, you read it right; aside from eating your oatmeals, you could also use them to reduce wrinkles and impurities on your face. Prepare a facial paste from your Quaker oats by immersing 4 tablespoon full of oats in 2 cups of boiled water. Mix until you achieve the desired consistency. It must not be too thick or too thin. Add 3 pieces of egg yolk and mix thoroughly. Lie down and place an eye patch. Apply generously the oat paste on your entire face. This concoction is rich in collagen and vitamin B, which is good for glowing and healthy skin. You reduce your propensity to have premature wrinkles. This is for normal skin.

2. Cucumber on eyes

You have eye bags because of sleepless nights due to deadlines and assignments. Eliminate those eye bags by cutting two oval slices of cucumber and placing them over both eyes to relieve tired eyes and reduce blackness under the eyes. Lie down with the cucumber patches on your eyes for about two to four hours. Do this every night and you will reduce those dark circles under your eyes.

3. Honey face mask

If your skin is dry, then try using honey as a facial mask. Lie down and apply honey generously on your face. You could also bathe with honey to give natural oil to your whole body. During the olden times, Egyptian queens took honey baths where they immersed their bodies and faces in honey to preserve their youthful looks. You could modify the concoction by mixing the honey with egg yolk.

4. Mud face mask

If your skin is oily, you can use mud masks. Use the mud that potters use to create clay pots. Others use clean and plain field mud. You can apply thoroughly the mud on your face and then allow staying for an hour or two. Regular application would remove those oily spots on your face and even out blemishes.

5. Oatmeal facial scrub

You could also make use of your oatmeal paste as a facial scrub. Scrub your entire face with the oatmeal paste, avoiding the eye area. Wash it off with warm water to open the pores and remove ingrained or deep-seated dirt and blackheads. Do not use harsh soaps on your face because it will remove the natural oil. After washing the oatmeal off with warm water, wash with cold water to close the pores.

Taking extra care of your face need not be expensive. All you need are some inexpensive home remedies and you can achieve that glowing skin that beauty shops offer you.