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Main causes of pigmentation are:
· Long or frequent exposure to sun
· Ageing
· Hormonal changes that cause melanin production increase
· Genetic conditions
· Medications like anti-depressants or birth control pills.

Multiple factors including age, climate change, hormonal factors etc damage the skin and makes it look older owing to a patchy pigmentation. Though neither hyperpigmentation nor hypopigmentation are life threatening conditions by themselves, they are enough to disturb the mind of the patient as many a time along with the skin tone, their confidence too gets affected.

Pigmentation is most often seen in people who step out in the sun, exposing the skin to the harmful UV rays from the skin. The first symptoms are the dull and prematurely aged look and it is observed on body parts like the neck, back, arms in addition to the face.

Hormonal imbalance too can be a reason for pigmentation, in women this can be triggered by birth control pills or pregnancy. Medical conditions like eczema, dermatitis can also be a cause for pigmentation.

At Medlounges Express center, a preferred provider of one of the best skin care treatment in Kerala, we go the extra mile to understand the condition of the skin and offer custom designed methodologies for pigmentation treatment in Kochi.
The first step is always a thorough diagnosis by way of analyzing the skin to understand the reason for pigmentation and then only is the treatment advice offered.

For the pigmentation treatment in Kochi, the services we adopt are:

Cosmelan: This is a unique depigmentation chemical treatment using multiple ingredients to reduce skin discolouration and hyperpigmentation on specific areas of the skin. Cosmelan peel decreases the natural melanin production of the skin by curtailing specific enzymes thereby contributing to an even complexion.
This Cosmelan peel can be effectively used to improve the skin tone of face, abdomen, legs and hands. In addition to this, this pigmentation treatment can be used to rectify the discoloration due to hormonal changes and changes in skin tone due to pregnancy etc. This peel also helps balance the oil production of the skin thereby reducing the outbreak of acne.

Dermamelan: When compared, Dermamelan has similar active ingredients as Cosmelan. The difference being in the higher concentration of up to 20% and that the mask treatment as well as follow-up mandates the strict supervision of a trained cosmetic doctor. The safety margin is quite high in Dermamelan and it also guarantees the improvement of skin blemishes better than any other pigmentation treatment method adopted. A noticeable significant change is observed within almost a week and the skin starts looking more bright and rejuvenated. By the end of the treatment, almost all blemishes become a happily forgotten memory.

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