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Simple Health Tips That Can Save Your Life

Don’t you wish life was as simple as in the good old days, when our grandparents summarized health hazards under three heads – curry, hurry and worry? Well, these three hazards have snowballed out of proportion and every person is at risk of major health hazards that can even prove fatal. How can you protect yourself? Check out these quick tips that can even save your life.

Quick Tips That Can Improve Your Health And Save Your Life

Wash fruits and vegetables before you cook them. No matter how “organic” you think your food is, you can never really be sure unless you personally grow it. Chances are high that your food has come in contact with pesticides, even if not while being grown, at least in transit.

Don’t skip your daily anti-oxidants. Many people swear by green tea these days, while still other retch at the thought of swallowing what tastes more like putrid rainwater! Green tea, though, is good for your health. A cup of green tea each day, coupled with fresh fruits and vegetables, can keep you healthy and prevent diabetes, stroke and even heart problems.

Cut down on sugars in your diet. Sugars are the ultimate killers and lead you on the path of illnesses. If your sweet tooth doesn’t give you any peace, satisfy it with nothing more than 2 spoons of sugar for the entire day.

Keep your teeth healthy. Interestingly, rotten teeth have been the cause of numerous health problems, ear infections and even heart problems. Germs that lodge in rotten teeth can travel through your body wreaking havoc. A regular visit to your dentist is less scary than the complications that can arise from cherishing your decaying teeth!

Use comfortable and ergonomic chairs while working. Bad posture while working can lead to the curvature of your spine, snowballing into several other complications. Your workstation should be at a comfortable height, and choose a chair that allows you to rest your feet flat on the floor.

Exercise daily. Spend a good 20 minutes each day with any form of exercise – aerobics, stretches or a brisk walk. Exercises get your metabolism up and helps your body function well. People who exercise more regularly are known to live longer.

Beat stress as much as you can. Stress is a silent killer and claims more lives than many people care to admit. It is the root cause of many cases of sudden death, and can lead to unexplained illnesses that can’t really be diagnosed with traditional medical diagnostics. Cut down on stress and you’ve taken one of the best steps to improve your lifestyle and lengthen your years.

There you have it! These are just a few doable tips to improve your health and even save your life. While you can really formulate an endless list of do’s and don’ts for a better life, these few tips can do the job quite well. In fact, they cover most of the basics, and are quite simple to integrate with daily life. So what are you waiting for? Get started with these simple tips and literally “get a life”!