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Pick Out the Liars – Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products That Are Truly NATURAL

Your search for anti aging natural skin care products to effectively treat your aging skin may go on far longer than you think if you are basing your buying decisions on what the major cosmetics companies are telling you. It might be helpful to think of them as wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m sorry, but having .05% of a natural substance does NOT make it natural. Here’s how to separate the wolves from the sheep.

Each and every one of those companies will claim that they have the best anti aging skin care products for you. I find it humorous to see the loud advertisement “Voted the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Product in 2009,” only to see in the fine print the survey was taken in some obscure location of the U.S. with 20 year-olds. Of course it was voted the best! It was a survey of 29 year olds in Alaska!

I’ve learned the hard way that the line between “advertising” and “false advertising” is getting thinner and thinner.

Take the phrase “natural” for example. The sad fact is that almost none of the anti aging natural skin care products that are available are truly all natural. The major companies reel you into the spending net by heavily advertising the handful of natural ingredients that their products do contain, while ignoring the 10 other ingredients used inside.

Here’s an honest fact: although these so-called natural products may have 1 or 2 natural plant-based ingredients, the bulk of the ingredients inside these creams and lotions are chemicals.

The makers of these self-proclaimed best anti aging skin care products will tell you that it is necessary to use these chemicals in cosmetics products. They will tell you that these additives and preservatives are necessary, because there are no natural substances that are comparative at doing the job that these chemical agents do. This is pure bunk, baloney and barnacle.

There are ingredients that work just as well when used as antibacterial and preservative agents in anti aging natural skin care products. Why the lie? These ingredients require more work to extract, and so cost more to use.

(Please note: this doesn’t mean that the prices are higher, it just means the companies producing honest 100% natural skin care products don’t make as profit on each item sold.)

So how do you know if you’re being lied to? Learn the names of the best natural ingredients, so you can spot them on your labels.

For example, the best anti aging skin care products will employ antibacterial agents such as active New Zealand Manuka honey, and preservatives such as grape seed oil, and Natural vitamin E. Instead of using those natural preservatives, the larger companies will use chemicals called parabens instead (it’s cheaper). Parabens have been scientifically-linked to various cancers.

Personally, I would rather buy my anti aging natural skin care products from a company that is willing to spend the extra money to make my products both safe and effective. The best anti aging skin care products I’ve found are manufactured in New Zealand. (It kind of fits, doesn’t it?)

This particular company has put in the time, money, and effort to deliver a product that uses 100% natural ingredients. They also put their products through a strenuous 2-year process of testing and re-testing to make their formulations as effective as possible.

Their anti aging natural skin care products contain Functional Keratin, and Phytessence Wakame kelp extract. These ingredients increase the amount of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid that your skin has. The drastic increase that these products will deliver will erase years from your appearance, and give you the younger looking skin that you have long been seeking.

Don’t be fooled into using so-called “natural” ingredients touting “Aloe Vera” (at .05%) as their natural claim-to-fame. Seriously, .05% does not make the product natural. Look for a 100% commitment to natural healthy skin.

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