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Overcoming Female Hair Loss Caused By Cancer Treatment

Selecting your wig before total hair loss occurs can help

Many women choose to select a wig before hair loss begins so that you have an accurate colour and style guide. For some individuals, it’s easier to start wearing a wig immediately so that you can get used to it. At this stage, the wig will feel tight because of the bulk created by your natural hair. When your hair loss becomes more pronounced, it’s easy to adjust the base cap for a better fit.

Consider the benefits of choosing a shade lighter

Wigs are densely packed with hair – so there will be much more coverage of hair than your natural head of hair. This can have a darkening or ‘heavier-looking’ effect and many women realise that opting for a shade lighter looks much more natural. Ready-to-wear synthetic wigs come in a range of highlighted or ‘rooted’ shades too (the roots are darker and look very realistic). If you are investing in a real hair wig, it’s possible to have highlights added according to your taste.

Consider the benefits of a wig with a monofilament top

Most women want to look and feel ‘normal’ – and that means having hair which looks just like your natural hair. If you lead an active life, or like to style your hair differently, a wig with a monofilament top can provide that extra touch of realism. Monofilament is a very fine, flesh-coloured gauze material which looks just like a scalp. Hair is knotted on individually across this ‘top’ section so that it swivels and moves more naturally. Also, monofilament tops enable you to part your hair in a very realistic way.

Synthetic hair and real hair wigs offer very different benefits

It is a common misconception that synthetic, ready-to-wear wigs are inferior to real hair wigs or do not look as realistic. An experienced hair loss consultant will know that synthetic hair wigs are incredibly realistic and resilient. A real hair wig, whether it features processed hair or European hair, will last considerably longer. If you are facing temporary hair loss (e.g. caused by chemotherapy), you might want to opt for a good quality, ready-to-wear wig – there are thousands from which to choose! These also tend to be supplied in ‘set’ styles i.e. they require no styling or at least very little maintenance. Great if you lead a busy life and just want to get up and go! If you are facing longer term or permanent hair loss – and some forms of radiotherapy can cause this – a real hair wig is a very valuable and effective way to overcome the problem. The quality of hair is outstanding – soft and luxurious and, as you would expect, hair can be styled any way you like. Real hair wigs are more expensive and not normally provided as part of your cancer treatment.