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Numis Network Reviews and How to Get Results

There is a legitimate new network marketing company that stands on its own that hasn’t been done before in the mlm industry history after doing some due diligence. There is no competition for this particular product and never been done before until now. There are over 5,000 network marketing competitors just selling similar product or services that have a few limited categories in the health and wellness, cosmetics & skin care, household products, technology, telecommunication and financial or travel services. A lot of those companies that simply come and go in the multi level marketing industry just selling useless items most people don’t need. In fact, consumers want a product that is in high demand and will stick around for a while.

What I’m talking about is Numis Network that sells numismatic coins. The first ever company to do it the network marketing model on numismatic coins. The company is located in Tampa, Florida, and it was officially launched on August 15, 2009. Mike Mezack is the founder of Numis Network. If you’re familiar with the name you have probably seen him on the home shopping network selling coins on the cable network. Mezack has been on television for over 20 years selling numismatic coins for total sales of over 1 billion. He currently has well over $100 million in sales.

Basically, you are buying an asset, not useless junk like soap or vitamins. The value of the coin goes up as time passes by. These numismatic coins they sell are minted both old and new by the government that is gold and silver. They submit thousands of those ordinary bullions are graded and uses only the world’s best independent grader. In addition, they are certified, sealed and encapsulated for condition. The value and condition are measured by Sheldon’s scale from 1-70. 70 are being the highest and Numis only sell 70 mint condition coins. Typically, less than 10% qualifies for the highest graded mint state 70. There many other items that can be collected but collecting money or an asset has more value. These coins are graded by the best agencies NGC, ANACS, and PCGS that are certified. There is no doubt this is the best quality numismatic coins to start collecting wealth that just makes sense during this time of the recession.

Are you still confused? If you’re a coin collector, the better the condition and the higher in value of the coin even as the years go by. The older the coins the value of each coin actually goes up. Gold and silver value will always have value because there always a certain limited supply. US dollars, for example, paper that is not unlike solid from gold and silver will always be printed. There is no value because there is always unlimited about of currency printed by the government.

The American Silver Eagle coins that Numis sells that are popular is ms70 dated in 2009, the current value would be $125. However, if you had the same coin in the same exact condition from 1997, then it would be worth well worth $500. There is a huge difference in value for more than a decade. Numis coins are worth collecting because they have value to offer. So the question would you rather have a closest full of vitamins, consumable health energy drinks or gold and silver coins in your closest or garage?

So you see here, Numis Network is a legitimate MLM up and coming company that deals will numismatic collectible coins. This company is for real and not a scam. This is a no brainer! Don’t pass up this opportunity. The timing could not get any better, who wouldn’t want to get into this high demand of numismatic collectible coins during this time of the recession in the network marketing industry?